**Past Life Journey- Feeling of insecurity and an endless urge to overperform**


Dear Amarantos family,

With blessings of God, spiritual guides and with grace of our dear master Venu, I could execute my first case.

Client Vitals:

Mr. N.D.
35 YO Male
Hypnotizability score: 6
VAK: Primary Dominant sense: Kinesthetic: 3, Secondary sense Visual: 7, Auditory: 5
Eye roll test: 2
Pain level: 6-7/10
Theme: Strong urge to overperform and always being engaged in some activity all the time. Feeling of insecurity and unnecessary guilt.

Client history:

He was born into a very religious family. He describes himself as a sincere and empathetic person, ready to help anyone and gives genuine advice. He is also analytical and rational in daily life. Though, he describes himself to be restless and pursues one or other activity all the time. He easily gets bored in a stagnant lifestyle and seeks some challenging work/side jobs, even though he is currently earning well. These habits land him up in a very busy and strenuous routine with less time for his family and his little one. He loves the idea of being on a vacation with family, relaxing a bit, going to some holiday destinations, but with his endless commitments, he describes it becoming next to impossible. He hates sitting idle at one place doing nothing.

He was an average student in the early schooldays, but with a lot of hard work and efforts, later he secured an impressive grade in the 10th standard and further achieved commendable position in society (completing an Engineering degree from one of the top Institutes in India, securing a job in a well know company with lucrative payment). He explained that he always had an urge to overperform and challenge his own limits. This habit helped him to be in a good position in society, but it has also added some health problems. He also describes himself as an introvert person and does not proactively start conversations with unknown people; but when it comes to terms of his work, he becomes conscious and unable compromise without achieving the desired results. Also, he describes, he always had a feeling of insecurity and unnecessary guilt from his childhood.

From this PLR session, he expects to explore his past lives to identify the roots of these issues and insecurities.

Session 1 : 1st September 2023 (6 pm to 7.30 pm)

Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.

Theme was finalized post session 1 and session 2 as:

  • Strong urge to overperform and always being engaged in some activity all the time.
  • Feeling of insecurity and unnecessary guilt
  • Past life events exploration

Session 2 : 2nd September 2023 (3.15 pm to 5.20 pm)

Briefly covered stages 1 to 8 again. The intent of this therapy was again discussed with the client and the theme was finalized as stated above and was discussed with him again.

Later we had a short herbal tea break and had some informal chat.

Thereafter, we completed Stage 9 (going through the checklist). Informed him feel free to do whatever he wants to do during the session (cry, laugh or moving body parts). After he was comfortable on the bed, we proceeded to Stage 10.

IMR was explained.

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

We started with a prayer.
We began induction with Dave-Elman technique followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with Ball of light method.The client was seen in a deeply relaxed state (observed his relaxed but deep breathing, non-stiffness in body and relaxed eyeballs).

Visualization was carried out with a beautiful garden surrounded by a peaceful lake and snowy mountains etc. As client’s dominant sense is kinesthetic and secondary as visual (7), he could visualize this beautiful place around and thoroughly enjoyed being in there. Thereafter, the client could imagine two happy memories from childhood and told that these memories are close to his heart. Then we moved from the garden into the lake, and through a boat he could visit a wise old being standing outside of a cave (he described the being to be with a long white beard in a saintly attire, not a familiar face though). Later, he told me there was some deep conversation ongoing between the two, but he could not hear anything from it (I interpreted it again related with the dominant sense of the client). Though he mentioned that he felt a lot of love and safety (security) being with this person and was reluctant to move ahead.

T: Whenever you feel ready to go ahead maybe you could give me a sign (C raised a finger in some minutes). In a count of 3-1, we’ll go to the garden again.
T: Do you wish to go ahead and explore those beautiful mountains around?
C: Yes (we reached the top of the cliffs for reframing). During reframing, he could imagine a few painful memories but could not reform those in metal frames. (Post session, he mentioned that he placed some heavy objects in the box and was able to throw them down). The client mentioned he felt peaceful.

After this, the client was awakened. He mentioned he’s feeling very relaxed and fresh!

C: (after the session): He felt the light in the garden was very intense and warm. Also, he informed that the wise being on the shore was not a familiar face from this life, but he always knew him for some reason. They were having some deep discussion, which he could visualize but was unable to understand/hear. He described feeling very joyous and like an innocent child when around this person. He was reluctant to move ahead from this person but had to depart with my suggestions/permission (after spending there some time).

Session 3 : 3rd September 2023 (3.30 pm to 6.15 pm)

We discussed about his experience from previous session, and I asked him if he is comfortable to have this once in a lifetime experience now? He was thrilled and ready to proceed.

We started with a prayer.
We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. Next to garden and from there to an ancient temple.

He could meet his master in the temple and felt very happy being in company with the master.

From further pyramiding we reached to multiple doors and client was suggested to open the right door that could land him in the relevant PL memory with regard to his theme.

T: Is anything coming to your awareness?

C: I’m in a very remote place, it is a dry region.

T: What do you see around you, can you describe your surroundings?

C: Sand. There is a serious scarcity of water here. Hardly any tree in the area. There are few people in the village. It’s a रेगिस्तान (desert area).

T: Which part of the world is it; can you recognize?

C: It’s in India.

T: Any specific region coming to your awareness?

C: I think Rajasthan-Gujarat.

T: What is year is this?

C: 18th Century

T: Can you look at your legs? What are you wearing?

C: Leather mojadi.

T: Can you see what does your attire look like?

C: White coloured pajama and shirt, Pagdi (turban) (C was answering in a very low tone, indistinctly: like mumbling, it was difficult to understand; and with ‘to the point answers in specific words’, he mostly preferred to remain silent).

T: How old are you?

C: 30-40 (Apparently, he was a man, living in a desert region and in his mid-30s).

T: What are you doing there?

C: Sitting with few people, chatting.

T: Who are they? Do you recognize them?

C: No answer for some time. Then “No”.

T: Can you describe, what are you discussing about? (Again, the C kept silent on this. So, I framed the question a bit differently). How do you feel about this discussion?

C: Neutral. There is nothing else to do (Later I could interpret this as a KMF)

T: What do these people call you?

C: Something with starting with “M”.

T: Can you see what is there around you?

C: Old house, group of people.

T: Okay, are you ready to go ahead in this life?

C: Yes

T: In a count of 3, you could reach to your place of residence (3-1) in this life. Is anything coming to your awareness?

C: मिट्टी का घर (A mud house).

T: Very good! Can you see is anyone there in this house?

C: I can see my wife and two children.

T: Can you relate these people to anyone from your current life?

C: No

T: What is your name? can you see if anyone calls out your name?

C: Remained silent for a moment, then “Manoj”.

T: What do you do for a living, Manoj?

C: My wife prepares toys made of mud (in C words: मिट्टी के खिलौने).

T: And do you support her or pursue any different work?

C: No.

T: What you feel about your routine?

C: Neutral (after the session C explained: he did not work sincerely on anything in this life and simply spent the time on futile activities (led a vagabond life), roaming around in the village and was dependant on his wife’s earning).

T: Can you describe what makes you say that?

C: No response. (Post session he revealed “he only used to wander aimlessly around the village, wear nice clothes, chat with people and enjoy these activities repeatedly”).

T: In a moment we will move to any significant moment in this lifetime (3-1). You could let me know if anything is coming to your awareness.

C: There are quite a few people at our home.

T: Can you recognize who are these people?

C: They look bad people. They have sticks.

T: What are they doing there, what else is coming to your awareness there?

C: They are associates of our money lender (client wording: साहूकार). They carried my wife’s jewellery. We could not repay the money. They also took the wedding neckless.

(C’s tone changed, it very low and sad)

T: What else is happening there?

C: People have gathered. My wife is crying, kids look frightened with the scene.

T: What emotions are you experiencing there?

C: I’m Helpless. I should have done something to defend these assets. Maybe I could have earned for the family.

T: I can understand the pain.

(C was breathing heavily at this moment and showing restless movements, so we worked on his breathing and I thoughts to move him ahead in this life).

T: In a moment, I will count from 3-1, as I reach 1, you could reach towards the end of this life, you could reach to the time of death in this life. (3-1). Can you explain what comes to your awareness?

C: I’m in a different house. Lying outside of house in a courtyard, on a bed (C wording: खटिया). There is a young girl and her family around me. Maybe she’s, my daughter.

T: How old are you?

C: 70-80

T: Is your wife around you?

C: No

T: How are you feeling there?

C: Discomfort. I’m ill for a long time now.

T: If you’re comfortable, can you describe the end of this life?

C: I left my body while coughing. I think it was a heart fail. Natural death.

T: What were your feelings at that time?

C: I could have spent my life meaningfully.

T: What makes you say that?

C: No response.

T: What happens next after you leave this body?

[PD] C: I feel light. (C felt comfortable on the bed, his legs were apparently relaxed). I floated and went upside. They cremated by body with Hindu rituals.

T: Did you notice anyone coming to pick you while you were floating above?

C: No.

T: Are there any insights from this past life that you can carry to your present life?

C: Relaxed, No worries and tension. Easy life. (I interpreted it as C was suggesting carrying these traits to his current busy life).

T: Very good! What happens to you next? What comes to your awareness?

C: Its dark, I cannot see anything.

T: In a moment, we will count from 3-1, as we count 1, picture will be clearer to you. You could remember a little more from this scene. (3-1), is there anything coming to your awareness?

[C did not spend much time in LBL and could visualize another vision].

C: Very very dark… Deep jungle. (I assumed already has reached some of his other lifetime).

T: What are you doing there?

C: Sitting in a grass.

T: Can you look at your legs, what are wearing?

C: I am an animal. I am a deer!

T: (I was surprised, but decided to continue the flow out of curiosity, if it holds anything to his current issues). How are you feeling there?

C: No response for few minutes. Then, “nothing specific”.

T: In a moment I will count from 3-1, you could go to any significant moment in this life. (3-1)

(C was restless; might be experiencing fear).

C: Somebody attacked the herd. Some animal. There is blood spilt on the ground.

T: I Tried EMDR (left/right sided visual movements) and instructed him to breathe deeply.

Then, “how are you feeling in this moment”?

C: Not comfortable.

T: In a count of 3-1 if there is any significant moment in this life, it will come to your awareness.

C: Nothing specific.

So, we reached to the last moment of this life, and he explained that he died with an attack from the tiger. (After the session, he also mentioned that he felt the constant feeling of insecurity and fear while spending time in the jungle. During the sessions he was intermittently having restless movements of his legs.).

T: Do you wish to explore other lifetimes that might have any insights to your current life issues?

C: No.

From there, we returned to the temple with his permission, and he could meet his master again.

Visiting a childhood self : After suggestions/countdown, he saw himself as a kid (8-9 years), sitting idle in a chair, in some thoughts. He spent some time with the child and conveyed him love and security (after the session, he disclosed that he felt much happier after spending some time with him as a child and after conveying him love).

Visiting future : While in temple I tried to take him in his immediate future (5-10 yrs) and instructed to set good intentions for the future. The C could imagine himself sitting in a balcony of a luxurious apartment (later he told, he could visualize the apartment to be similar to a grand palace), enjoying morning tea, watching magnificent scenes around.

After his permission, returned to the temple, through pyramiding he could see a very beautiful deity of the temple, bowed down, and sought blessings for the future (C spent some time there).

T: You could also seek permission from your loving master to leave now and ask him any message to take with you. Is anything coming to your awareness?

C: Do good things. बेफिक्र होकर जियो (Live freely). वही करो जो करना उचित है (Do what is a right thing to do).

T: Very good! You could remember these lessons and love whenever you need them in future. Are you ready to be awakened now?

C: Yes.

T: He was gradually awakened with 1-10 count and returned to the current time.

Closure & conclusions:

  • In the life of rural man from the desert, he had a deep feeling inside him that he should work or at least do something worthwhile to support his family, but he spent his life on different activities. This feeling surfaced once, at the time when their jewellery was being taken away. The similar feeling, he carried towards the end of this life.
  • From the time in jungle, there were no big events, but he explained that he felt insecure and had a feeling of being attacked throughout that life.
  • I suggested him to take a break from his current busy routine and informed him about meditation, about Insight Timer app if he can take up a challenge of daily meditation at least for few days along with me😊.

Pain level (post session): 3 (C explained that after long time he had this feeling of calmness).

PS: I had a chat with him yesterday, when he explained, he is feeling much better now and has planned for a short holiday break with his family in upcoming Diwali vacations!

He visualized Manoj’s mud house from the desert something like this:

Thank you for taking the time to read !

With Love,


Very well executed Kaushik ji. Congratulations on your success. It gave me some wonderful insights on how to conduct a session. Looking forward to have many more case studies from you . All the best .


Amazing Kaushik . Congrats for your 1st successful case.

It is so good that the client’s pain reduced & now he has planned for a short Vacation with family.

Your suggestions and conclusions are fabulous as a therapist. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Excellent session Kushik. Worth noting each step you followed. You were excellent facilitator. Very well controlled and address most of the clients issues. As one of the most sincere student of Atlantis batch, this is what expected from you.:blush:.Keep going dear friend. Wish you more sucess.


Thank you so much Pragati ji for your kind and inspiring words! It was possible because of our beloved guru Venu😊.


Wonderful session @Kaushik. Congratulations :clap: . I liked the way you gave the time and space for the client whenever required.
I hope you conduct many more successful sessions and bring about transformation for your clients. :raised_hands: :star2:


Excellent Kaushik! Very nice start. You did it professionally.
Life as an animal is quite perplexing. This thing need further attention from us when we are doing therapy. Try to put a hat of a investigator!. Put some inquisitive questions to find how they come into animal world etc, just to get an insight into the co-relation between human and animal cross incarnation.


Thank you so much Ananda ji for your kind and insightful words😊. Agree with your point that cross-incarnation between human and animal was a perplexing phenomenon here.


Thank you so much Santhi for your kind words :blush:. I am inspired from how you executed the session during our workshop and also could note few points out of it. God bless :heart:.


Thank you so much dear for such inspiring words…those are really helpful to boost my confidence in this process :blush::heart:. Our discussions were helpful for me while executing this case!


Thank you so much Shipra for your kind words. It was due to grace of dear guru. Yes, even I felt good after hearing he is feeling better and has decided to take a break for himself…:blush:


Wonderful wonderful wonderful Kaushik ji​:raised_hands::tada:


Thank you so much Himani for your kind words, God bless :raised_hands:


Wow @Kaushik, amazing work.


Dear Kaushik, Congratulations on your brilliant first case.
You penned down the details very clearly and handled it excellently.

Profound learning…
“Do good things. बेफिक्र होकर जियो (Live freely). वही करो जो करना उचित है (Do what is a right thing to do)”

Thanks for sharing your experience with us… All the very best for your future session.


Heartiest congratulations boy… very well executed with utmost calmness…just the way u r…I loved the deer part…should have asked him which jungle…do u recognise the tiger in this life​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:… jokes apart…I think v all must have taken animal form at some point of time and @Preeti_Khandelwal @shiprabharadwaj13 will agree to me …I think I should also find out who am i​:wink::thinking::thinking::thinking: which animal…anyways …over all …good luck in advance for ur hattrick…
God bless​:pray::pray::pray:


Dear Kaushik,

Heartiest congratulations on completing the first PLR case. Its a proof of your sincerity and pure heart with which you have successfully implemented the learnings you had received from our beloved Guru, Dr Venu.
My heartfelt compliments for the same. My humble feedback for your consideration please.

  1. Very well observed.
  1. Garden amidst mountains to lake to cave…beautifully took the client through series of visualizations.
  1. May be you could consider leading the client to next experience (moving up the mountain/cliff) through suggestion, in place of asking them.
  1. Consider using :
    May be you can look down at your feet…What are you wearing?
  1. I found this to be Very intelligent of you.
  1. Consider Using : What comes to your awareness?
  1. I really liked your approach to make an effort to understand and establish the emotional aspect of the experience which client is undergoing. That’s were we found the answers/resolutions finally.

Helplessness >>> Emotion gets Packaged >>> Decision at Death Point >>> Present life situation .

  1. Lifetime of an animal …always interesting and intriguing.
  1. Great learnings for us all !!!
  1. I can resonate with this in toto.

My best wishes to you dear Kaushik. I am sure of many more divine healings through your blessed hands.


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Hi Kaushik
Excellent - Methodical - Conclusive First Case.
Well Done
Keep it up.

Best Wishes/Deepak


Kaushik what clarity and continuity! Loved the way you presented your whole case. Also understood why some people refer to ‘thoughts’ as feelings , they are most probably ‘kinesthetic’.

Also it says so much about your focus on the client to not allow your own surprise to overtake the session when the client saw himself as a ‘deer’.

One more thing I understood is if relaxation and trans are deep enough then the conscious mind may not interfere with discovery of ourself as an animal in our previous births.


Hello Shilpa, thank you so much for your inspiring words.
Totally agree with you… when he mentioned that he is some animal, I was clueless for a moment, what could be expected out of it and whether he could express himself as an animal (can he experience any emotions as an animal)? Although a perfect story couldn’t be drawn out of this deer incarnation, few points apperantly added the value here!