**Past Life Journey: Lack of Support, Loneliness, and Poor Married Life**

Past Life Journey: Lack of Support, Loneliness, and Poor Married Life


Dear Amarantos family,

With blessings of God, spiritual guides and with grace of our dear master Venu, I could execute my second case.

Client Vitals:

Female : Ms. SJ, 55+ YO

Hypnotizability score : 4

VAK : Primary Dominant sense: Kinesthetic: 4, Secondary sense Visual: 6, Auditory: 5

Eye roll test : 2 (1+1)

Pain level : 7/10

Theme : Feeling of lack of support, Loneliness, and Poor married life.

Client history:

She was born into a very religious, middle-class family. She describes herself as a lovable and kind person and loves warm conversations. She also describes herself as a sincere person, who does all her responsibilities devotedly but hardly receives any credit, attention, or any love from any of the family members. She never could think ill of others, and it is very hard for her to withhold anger for a long time. Though, she describes a constant feeling of insecurity, despite being surrounded by family members. She also described having issues with confidence from an early age. She described her married life as turbulent and there was constant friction from the beginning of her marriage.

She explained her pre-marital life was filled with love, affection, and joy even though their financial situation was not well. Her father was a strict person and an ardent follower of Shri Swami Samartha (incarnation of Sri Dattatreya), while her mother was a very gentle, soft-spoken, and loving person. She had a very happy and contented childhood with her brother and sister. She was a brilliant student in the schooldays, and with a lot of hard work and efforts, later she completed her graduation, masters and further learned professional level German language from one of the reputed institutes in India. She started working at early age (~17 years) due their financial situation and completed her post-graduation and professional level German education by herself with lot of hard work. She secured a stable and reputable job in Government services at her own merit and parallelly started German language tuitions as a support work. Eventually, she got married to a person from a reputed and higher middle-class family. She described her married life has never been easy and she always had quarrels with her husband. Also, she described, she always had a feeling of insecurity for a long time.

From this PLR session, she expects to explore her past lives to identify the roots of these issues and her insecurities.

Session 1: 22nd September 2023 (7 pm to 8.30 pm).

Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.

Theme was finalized post session 1 and session 2 as:

  • Feeling of lack of support
  • Loneliness
  • Poor married life

Session 2: 23rd September 2023 (3.30 pm to 5.40 pm)

Briefly covered stages 1 to 8 again. The intent of this therapy was again discussed with the client and the theme was finalized as stated above and was discussed with her again.

Later we had a short break and some informal chat.

Thereafter, we completed Stage 9 (checklist was ensured). Informed her to feel free to do whatever she wants to do during the session (talk, cry, laugh and moving/adjusting body parts). After she was comfortable, we proceeded to Stage 10.

IMR was explained.

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

We started with a prayer.

We began induction with Dave-Elman technique, followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with Ball of light method. The client was seen in a relaxed state (observed her relaxed breathing, non-stiffness in body and relaxed eyeballs).

Visualization was carried out with a magnificent garden, which was surrounded by a peaceful lake and snowy mountains.

T: Let this garden be your safe place and you can always float back to this garden, if there is any distress.

As the client’s dominant sense is kinesthetic and secondary as visual, she was able to visualize this beautiful place and enjoyed being in there. She described the beautiful scenery and felt the lush green grass beneath her feet.

Thereafter, the client could imagine three happy memories from her childhood and got emotional after noticing her brother, father, and mother (none of them are present with her now).

From childhood memories, we reached the ‘In-utero’ stage, where she felt herself to be very happy and cheerful, having some type of interaction with her mother.

Then we moved from the garden into the lake and moved further through a boat towards a wise being. But she could not envision anyone there.

T: Whenever you feel ready to go back to the garden, you could give me a sign (C raised a finger in some minutes). In a count of 3-1, we’ll go to the garden again. You could spend some time here in the garden, rest, relax, maybe sit on the bench there if you wish.

T: (after some time) In a moment, we will move up on the beautiful snow mountains, are you ready to proceed?

C: Yes (we reached the top of the cliffs for reframing). During reframing, she could notice many of the painful memories and was able reform those in metal frames. After throwing the boxes, the client mentioned she felt more serene.

After this, the client was awakened. She mentioned she’s feeling relaxed and fresh!

C: (Post session discussion): She imagined herself in a huge, beautiful garden with bamboo trees, benches, multi-colored flowers, and birds. She informed me that she was able to roam around the lake through boat but could not visit anyone on the shore and returned to the garden after my instructions. Apparently, I could notice that she was weeping quite a few times during the reframing session (she also cried during her happy memories after being with her family; all of whom are not present with her now). During happy memories, she explained someone calling her as “Neelima” (her birth name that no one except her grandmother used to call at around 5-6 years of age).

Session 3: 24th September 2023 (2.30 pm to 5.45 pm)

We discussed her experiences from the previous session, and I asked if she is comfortable to proceed? She was ready and excited to go ahead.

We started with a prayer.

We proceeded with Dave-Elman followed by Progressive relaxation. From visualization of the garden to her painful memories (as she previously mentioned having multiple painful memories from the past).

T: Where could you be feeling this pain?
C: In my mind.

T: In a count of 3, you could experience this pain to be more severe (increased to double, 10x, and then in extreme pain). Here C was again crying and feeling uncomfortable.

T: Instructed C to form a bridge out of this pain and link towards the source of her suffering. Instructed her that it is very safe to go further on this bridge. From further pyramiding we reached multiple doors, and the client was suggested to open the right door that could land her in the relevant PL memory regarding her theme.

T: What comes to your awareness?
C: Small baby. My baby.
T: Very good! Can you look closely, how does that baby look like?
C: Angel like.
T: What are you doing there?
C: Playing with my baby. (Apparently, she was very happy and smiling). (Later I could interpret this as a KMF).
T: Maybe you can look down at your feet, what are you wearing?
C: I’m barefoot. Wearing a fairy-like dress.
T: How old are you?
C: 16-17
T: What else are you doing there?
C: I’m singing a song. A lullaby. Patting and cuddling my baby (from her facial expressions, it was visible that she was experiencing great joy being with her baby.)
T: How old is your baby, is it a boy or a girl?
C: 1.5- 2 months. It’s a boy.
T: What do you call him? What comes to your awareness?
C: I call him ‘Parth’.
T: Wonderful name! Do you recollect your name?
C: No response. Later she said “No”.
T: Where are you right now?
C: In a meadow.
T: Any geographical location comes to your awareness?
C: No.
T: No problem. Do you recollect what year it is?
C: It’s an ancient time.
T: What are your feelings at this moment?
C: Very pleasant!! (She was mesmerized playing with her baby).

T: Amazing! It’s a beautiful memory, isn’t it? You may carry all the joy, happiness, and peace from this moment with you when we move ahead. Are you ready to move ahead in time from this lifetime?
C: Yes.
T: What comes to your awareness?
C: Somebody has snatched my baby from me.
T: You may look closely, who is it? What is happening there?
C: Some old lady, she is wearing black/brown gown and has covered her face. Looks like a डायन (witch).
T: What emotions are you experiencing there?
C: It is very painful (She was crying, her body posture was restless: her jawline and eyes looked tense).

(C was breathing heavily at this moment and showing restless movements, so we worked on her breathing, I suggested her to float above the scene and overserve more details. Though, I thought to dwell more and explore few more aspects out of this moment to gain a complete picture/link to any of her current life issues).

T: What happens next?
C: She has been disappeared somewhere in the valley covered in a dense fog. I could not resist back. She was very forceful.
T: What are your feelings at this moment?
C: Sad. I am helpless.

(Later she revealed that she came to some unknown territory in a valley, far from her home. She came here alone with her baby. It was a foggy place. From nowhere an old lady came to her, in a fraction of time, forcefully snatched the baby from her hands and pushed her back. C tried to run after that old lady, she also tried to shout and call for help. But nobody came to her rescue. In no time, the old lady disappeared somewhere in the valley. On the next day, she revealed, it came to her that her baby was snatched for witchcraft!).

T: On count of 3-1, the picture will be clearer to you about what happened, did you tell this to anyone?

C: My baby is lost; she was never found back. I spoke with my husband. But my husband is not bothered. As if he does not care.
T: What makes you say that?
C: (No response for some time) He is ignorant. He blames me for losing the baby.
T: How do you feel about this situation?
C: Very sad, frustrated!
T: What does your husband do for a living?
C: If he has it in his mind, he makes farming tools. Mostly, he sits idle.

T: In a moment I will count from 3-1, as I count 1, you may reach to any other significant moment from this lifetime, are you ready? (C says Yes) (3-1), what comes to your awareness?

C: Very small village. There are grass houses in the village.
T: Okay, can you notice what is there around you?
C: Grass houses, a big well, lot of water.
T: What are you doing there?
C: Fetching water.
T: Is there anyone around you?
C: No-one.
T: How old are you?
C: 14-15 maybe. (Later it was clear that C had reached her younger age in the same lifetime).
T: What do people call you?
C: Somebody called me Uma.
T: What else is happening there, Uma?
C: (After some time), most of the villagers have left the village, very few people have left there.
T: What makes you say that?
C: महामारी (Pandemic). People are collapsing.
(Later she said that people were collapsing while doing their routine work and it was a horrific situation in that village).
T: Where are your parents?
C: They died in a similar way; I was left alone!
T: How are you feeling in this situation?
C: Terrified! (C was breathing heavily, hence we worked on her breathing for some time).
T: I can understand your pain.
T: What is the name of this place? what comes to your awareness?
C: (Paused for a moment) Dhampur.
T: What year is this?
C: 17th century.

(It was a real surprise for me! Neither Client nor I was aware of any such place in India called ‘Dhampur’. Later, I searched on Google, and there exists a place named “Dhampur” in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. From Google, it was also clear that India faced a worst pandemic nightmare in seventeenth century, called “Bubonic plague”, that claimed many lives. C could not name it, but she witnessed this scary situation and was left alone at house. There was nothing more to explore from this time, so I decided to move ahead).

T: In a moment, we will move ahead in the time (3-1), what comes to your awareness now?

C: There is a small school in the front yard of a house. I am teaching small children.

T: How old are you?
C: 34-35.
T: How are you feeling now?
C: I am happy with the children around. (Finally, she found a few happy moments in this painful lifetime, and I thought to move her ahead towards the end of this life).

T: In a moment, I will count from 3-1, as I reach 1, you may reach towards the end of this life (3-1). If you’re comfortable, can you describe the end of this life?

C: There is a 2 floored house, झूला (swing). I’m on the porch.
T: How old are you?
C: 50.
T: What is happening there?
C: There is rope bed (C wording: बाज), an old person is lying on the bed. He’s, my father-in-law. Some quarrels are going on. Between me and my husband. No one understands me. I spoke to him a lot. He ignored me, turned his back.
T: What are your thoughts at this moment?
C: I served my family devotedly, selflessly (C words: तन, मन, धन) but no one cared.
T: What happens to you next?
C: We fought for some time. I could not hold back. I collapsed on the floor. Floated above. (C left her body).
T: What were your last thoughts when you passed your body?
C: Defeated, completely depressed.
T: Where did you go next?

(PD experience) C: I floated above. I sat on a big banian tree. People sat under that tree, and I could see them all from above, but nobody knew I was there only on that tree. Eventually, everybody left. I spent my time on that tree.

(Later she revealed that she stayed on the banian tree for a long time, and nobody came to assist/pick her up. Apparently, she was in a distressed state. I wanted to explore exactly what was this phase, was it related to anything paranormal, but C consistently said, nothing much came to her awareness).

It was interpreted that this lifetime to be a difficult one for the client and except rare happy moments, mostly she faced various difficulties such as terror due to pandemic in her early age, loss of parents, being left alone at the house with lack of support, loss of her child, strained relationships, no support from the family etc.

T: What lessons do you carry from this lifetime?
C: Patience and resilience. (I interpreted it as C was suggesting carrying these traits to her current life).
T: Very good! In a moment, I will count from 3-1, as I count 1, you may reach any different lifetime that connects to your current life issues, what comes to your awareness?
C: An Island. There is an Ashram. A class is going on for small Batu (बटु: Brahmin kids who have undergone the Thread ceremony/Upnayana-Janeu samskara). They are learning Rucha from Vedas.

T: Very nice! What else comes to your awareness there?
C: There is a Rishi. He has white beard. He is teaching small kids.
T: Maybe you can look down at your feet, what are you wearing?
C: Orange colored sari.
T: What is your age?
C: 20-22.
T: What do they call you?
C: No response.
T: (after a while) Do you recognize which place it is?
C: She took some time. There is a big river and an Ashram on the island.

T: In a moment I will count from 3-1, as I count 1, the picture will be clearer to you. (3-1). Which place is this? what comes to your awareness?

C: Omkareshwar.

(Afterwards, based on her words I could search an island in Narmada River called “Mandhata”, in Madhya Pradesh, alternately called as Omkareshwar jyotirlinga).

T: Very good! What year is this?
C: End of 18th century.
T: What is your name? what comes to your awareness?
C: Students call me “Mataji”.
T: What are you doing there?
C: Cleaning the ashram.
T: How are you feeling right now?
C: Satisfied. I do my duties and lead a modest life.

T: In a moment, I will count from 3-1, as I count 1, you may reach to any significant moment from this lifetime. What comes to your awareness?

C: It’s twilight time. I’m serving cows in the ashram. There are multiple of them.
T: How old are you?
C: maybe 50-51.
T: How do you feel at this moment?
C: Very peaceful. I love spending time with these cows.
T: What makes you say that?
C: They understand my language and feelings. They are very kind and empathetic animals.
T: Can you explore where do you live there?
C: My cottage (C wording: कुटि) is near the cow shed.
T: What else is there in your surroundings?
C: यज्ञशाला (where the Rishis perform their daily rituals), भोजन कुटिया (food cottage).

(I thought there were no more details to be explored from this moment, and hence decided to progress her towards the end of this lifetime).

T: In a moment, I will count from 3-1, as I reach 1, you could reach towards the end of this life (3-1). Can you describe the end of this life?

C: I’m lying on a bed, out of my cottage.
T: How old are you?
C: Maybe 70-72
T: What is happening there?
C: I’m surrounded by kids, I’m ill, feeling weak. I left my body and floated.
T: What are your thoughts at this moment?
C: Peace. Satisfied with my doings.
T: What were your impressions of this life?
C: It was an easy and peaceful life.
T: What lessons do you carry from this lifetime?
C: Very simple things are enough to be happy in life. There is no need to suffer loneliness, we can still be happy without dependency on others. Trust is important. Love animals, nature.
T: Isn’t that a beautiful lesson!

(It was interpreted that this was an easy lifetime. Though, it gave few critical lessons that were crucial for her current life issues (and theme of this session). C already shared insights on Uma’s lifetime but to make sure on her learning/healing part and to her current issues, I thought to confirm it again with the client.)

T: In a moment, I will count from 3-1, as I count one, you could go back to Uma’s lifetime towards the end of the life and focus on the lessons learned from this life. What comes to your awareness?

C: Paused for a while. Then, We need to take necessary precautions ourselves. Don’t rely on others to be strong!

T: Beautiful! You can carry this lesson with you whenever you feel lonely or powerless. Do you wish to explore other lifetimes that might have any insights to your current life issues?

C: No.

From there, we returned to the garden with her permission, and C spent some time in the garden.

T: Are you ready to be awakened now?
C: Yes.
T: She was gradually awakened with 1-10 count and returned to the current time.

Closure & conclusions:

  • In the lifetime of Uma, she had a deep feeling inside her that she served her family devotedly, selflessly but no one cared. A similar feeling (defeated & totally depressed) she carried towards the end of this life and may have carried in the current life.
  • From the time in ashram, there were no big events it was a serene life, but at the end of this life, she received few lessons that were crucial for her current life issues (and the theme of this session).
  • I suggested her to take a break from her current routine. I also suggested evening walks or group yoga sessions might relieve her feeling of loneliness.

Pain level (post session): 3.

*PS: Immediately after the session, the C described her head being heavy, which subsided on the next day. So, an additional session on relaxation was not needed. I had a follow-up call with her a few days back, when she explained she is feeling better now and planning to work on the suggestions from the closure.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

With Love,



Hi @Kaushik, Congratulations on your 2nd session :clap:. Such beautiful revelations! :blossom:
Do you remember our practice session during training? you used the exact words mentioned here:

I believe the universe provides lessons through our clients, not just for them but for our own learning and upliftment as well. I’m thrilled to see you thriving. :raised_hands:


Very well navigated session Kaushik. You were patient, adept and present throughout the session. You explored the lifetimes very well too!
Asking for last moments thoughts is just so important in order to live our current lives in an empowered manner.

However if I may suggest , you could have asked her to look into the eyes of important people around her to see if they are present in her current life.

Also the theme of loneliness matches Uma’s life theme and feeling if no support can be seen being carried forward in her relationship with her current husband.


Congratulations Kaushik for your second successful case. Followed all the steps so deligently that the success was inevitable. Once again through your session it is evident how cow is such a blessing to the mankind. Executed so well and penned down with such a grace. Keep sharing such wonderful experiences.


Amazing @Kaushik, keep up the good work. God bless!!


Kudos again dear @Kaushik… woohoo…this time a cow …beautifully conducted with so peaceful and tranquility…wonderful …I feel u should take one more session on her unhappiness in married life…which is still not done and dusted …so that she finds her answers…if she wish tooo…otherwise…if she is satisfied with what she has achieved . …let her mind be at peace …god bless​:pray::pray:


Very nice Kaushik, Clear theme extraction. You took the session with lot of elance!. One thing I feel is unexplored is why her relation with her husband is not cordial and reason for that. Probably you are attempt in future.
Dhampur has a Cheeni Mill (Sugar)…:slight_smile:


Thank you dear Ananda ji for your kind and insightful comments :blush: Uma’s lifetime was a bit painful one in most of the moments she witnessed. Her married life was not cordial.
As she mentioned, he was not working, if he had it in his mind, he used to prepare farming tools otherwise used to sit idle.
Her husband always blamed her for loss of their baby and later totally ignored her which might have deteriorated their relationship.
About Dhampur it was a real surprise, I/client was not familiar with the place…May be this is a magic the PLR we can say​:blush::heart:.


Thank you dear Kaynaz for your encouraging words, as always :blush:.
From Uma’s lifetime, she revealed that her husband blamed her for loss of their baby. It was not entirely her mistake. But it made their relationship further strained. She was completely ignored by her husband…
It was a really tough lifetime for her (and to me as well to witness her pain) I was more relieved when she finally moved in her subsequent lifetime :smile:
There were some good learnings came out of this time though!!


Thank you so much Pooja for your kind words :blush::heart:


Thank you so much Ashish for your encouraging words! Yes she loved serving cows in that lifetime, and also said it gave her immense satisfaction.


Thank you Shilpa for your kind words! Rightly said, the themes were aptly matching from Uma’s life and it was evident that she might have carried those emotions as triggers. Agree with your point, may be important people could have been identified here… God bless😊


Thank you so much Santhi😊. I echo your comment, I was thinking for a while on these lessons, how aptly those are useful to everyone…


Wow! Though Past life regression therapy is all about healing and not about validation but if Validation like this happens our belief on the therapy gets boosted , it feels amazing .

Our sub conscious does it all for us , so beautiful .

Beautiful! She has got the lesson , learning ‘ Self Love’ is very important . We see that our sub conscious mind is so capable , it takes us to a lifetime to show the repetitive pattern and also to a lifetime to learn a lesson . ‘Simple things are enough to be happy in life. We can be happy without dependency on others , love animals , love nature . ( magical!!)

Self Love is her lesson as per my limited knowledge , she needs to work on herself now , You can even suggest her some healing exercises related to boosting self love .

Excellent session & magical learnings Kaushik​:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


You have handled the case wonderfully. :clap: All the best! Keep sharing your wonderful work.


Dear Kaushik,

I would also request you to kindly go through this. These are no less than Blessings from our beloved Guru… :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :pray:

Thank You
:pray: :pray: :pray:


Dear Kaushik,

Congratulations for a wonderful session. The lessons are so simple yet so profound. Wish you many more amazing ones in the future.

My feedback for your consideration please,

  1. For me, I have come to understand the resilience people demonstrate in their difficult married lives,55 yrs old stating difficulties from beginning of marriage yet living through it dutifully, while repressing the feelings of not being loved, getting credit or attention.
  1. A very little change of HERE In place of THERE will strengthen the connect of client with the experience they are having.

This is something intriguing where I request our beloved Guru Dr Venu to guide us further. :pray: Sir, May include the same in Nov FORUM CALL pl.

Happy Healings !!


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thank you for sharing this, Monesh ji :pray:


Dear Monesh ji,

Your reply is always educating and encouraging at the same time. Honestly, we wait for the same after posting on forum. It helps us to refine our strategy and instructions for the future sessions.
I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you make to help us improve as a therapist.
On Banyan tree time, I am not totally unaware of this situation and it’s good idea to have further discussion with our beloved Guru, Venu during next meeting in early Nov.


Thank you so much for your kind words Neelam😊 God bless