Relief from Lower Back Ache After 40+ Years

Dear Amarantos family,

With blessings of God, My Spiritual Guides, the grace of our dear Teacher Venu, the unconditional support of Neha, and your good wishes, I could execute my first case. All the credit goes to all of you who have taught me so much, any mistakes are mine and I humbly request your guidance to correct myself. Thank you!

Client Vitals:

Female: Ms. CU, 87+ YO

Hypnotisability score: 5

VAK: Primary Dominant sense: Kinaesthetic: 4, Secondary sense Visual: 9, Auditory: 3

Eye roll test: 2 (1+1)

Pain level: 7/10

Theme: Constant pain/ache in the lower back for years and pain/tingling in the feet.

Client history:

Client has had a history of pain in the lower back, commencing in her teenage years. The pain in her feet was considerable and began in her thirties. The pain was so bad as to prevent her from enjoying her life fully. She often requested for foot massages but got very little relief. The pain in her back was extremely bad and she would not be able to sit, stand or lie down comfortably.

She is the eldest of 7 siblings (one sister expired at age of 2/3 years), and has not enjoyed harmonious relations with her siblings all her life. Her father was a doctor and her mother was a teacher/stay-at-home mother.

She describes her childhood and early youth as not being very supportive/nor enjoyable. While she was not unhappy, she also claims that she cannot recall any happy moments of her childhood. She states that she was always frightened of her father and he was a very overbearing personality who would constantly shout at her or her siblings for any perceived wrong-doing or difference of opinion. No one could talk back to her father or take a stand with him and he used to mock her and the way she spoke, and pretended to imitate a stutter/stammer when he spoke to her, indicating that she spoke like that.

She also described having issues with confidence stemming from her college-going days. She was enrolled for the B.Sc. degree but she wanted to do her last year in the B.A. degree and her father was very much against it. Also, she lacked the confidence to face up to her father and tell her father her wishes and her career goals.

She was a good student and achieved much success in her education as well as her career. She is proud of her achievements and describes herself as confident and proud of her success. She started working at the age of 19~ and her first job was as a teacher in a co-ed school in Mumbai, whose students included Anglo-Indian children as well as orphans. Eventually, she became a well-respected teacher and she feels proud of her educational background, her work experience, and her career.

She does exercises to get relief from the back ache but it is very persistent.

Medical History – She takes medication for hypertension and averted stroke, also Parkinsons disease.

Therapist observations – (Non-verbal clues):

  • Fidgets and twirls her thumbs when talking about her father/childhood/teenage years.
  • Shifts in the chair though she claims she is comfortable
  • Tends to display stress/emotion when talking about her pain – almost tearful (significant because she stated her pain level is 7/10 but non-verbal clues indicate a higher level of pain)

Client Concern/Request – She may need to visit the facilities during the session, what should she do? She was assured that she would be able to let the therapist know and explained how IMR works and shared that before we began the next steps, we would agree on an IMR for her to indicate this need and she would be emerged from the trance.

From this PLR session, she wants relief from the backache and the constant pain in lower back that she is undergoing.

At the beginning of each session, we started with a small individual prayer.

Session 1: 14th October 2023 (1.30 pm to 4.45 pm).

Stages 1 to 8 were completed during the first session.

Theme was finalized as – Reasons for/Elimination of the persistent and constant pain in the lower back and feet.

Session 2: 15th October 2023 (1.45 pm to 6.40 pm)

Briefly covered stages 1 to 8 again. The purpose of the proposed therapy session was discussed again and theme was re-iterated.

Then we took a small break and I left her alone for a little while to listen to some relaxing music.

On resumption, Stage 9 was completed and the client was assured that she could feel free to do whatever she wanted during the session. It was also confirmed that she was comfortable, and she had no immediate pains or health issues. It was reiterated that she should feel free to communicate any pains or aches that might come up during the session.

After she was comfortable, and establishing the IMRs, we proceeded to Stage 10.

T: This is what the therapist said.

C: This is what the client said.

We began induction with Dave-Elman technique, followed by Progressive relaxation and further deepening with descending the staircase method. Reframing was also done with cliff – the client took some time to do this but relaxed a lot once she signalled completion.

The client was seen in a relaxed state (observed her relaxed breathing, non-stiffness in body and relaxed eyeballs). IMR also confirmed her relaxation.

Visualization was carried out with a beautiful garden. As the client loved plants and cultivated these, suggestion was made that this garden was cultivated and curated by herself and she could feel the leaves, smell the flowers, etc and she would be able to enjoy the garden. This was her place to feel secure, to feel loved, to feel safe and to rejuvenate herself when needed.

T: Let this garden be your safe place and you can always return to this garden, whenever you feel the need to relax or to energize yourself.

As the client’s dominant sense is kinaesthetic and secondary as visual, she was able to visualize this beautiful place and enjoyed being in there. She described the beautiful scenery and felt the green grass beneath her feet, and enjoyed sitting on her bench – placed in the centre of the garden.

Thereafter, the client was asked to move to the earliest happy memory of her childhood – she did go to the place but could not visualise anything.

On asking her to move ahead, she did, however, say that she was in the presence of a bright light, a steady, glowing light.

T: Where are you?

C: I do not know where I am, but I am in the presence of a bright, glowing light.

T: What are you experiencing?

C: (No response)

T: (after some time) How are you feeling?

C: I am feeling very comfortable, very nice.

T: Is there any message from the light?

C: No, I do not know…. but I am feeling very nice and very calm.

T: Who do you think is the light?

C: I do not know, just that I am feeling very calm and peaceful – no worries or tension.

T: Okay, do you want to remain here for sometime

C: Yes

T: Okay, please remain here with the light for sometime (after all, the client is leading the experience, not the therapist. I waited patiently for some time, watching the client’s body language and breathing. When the client showed some signs of stress – moving fingers, frowning, I spoke again).

T: What are you feeling now:

C: The light has gone and I am in the dark.

T: Please describe the dark

C: It is not black, it is greyer. There is a small window of light at the bottom of the horizon, but I cannot see beyond that.

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am Ok, nothing unusual.

T: Try to move towards the light if you can

C: It is like there is a curtain and the light is just below the curtain.

T: Can you move the curtain?

C: No, I can see the light but I cannot move the curtain. I can also hear some sounds of waves or sea

T: Are you on a beach

C: I do not know where I am, but I can hear the waves

T: Ok. Do you want to move ahead?

C: Yes.

T: Ok, At the count of 1, you may move to next most significant memory of this lifetime….3 – 2 – 1, you are at the next most significant memory.

C: (Showing some stress)

T: Take a deep breath, exhale any stress or tension that you are feeling and relax. Feel yourself relax. (We did 2 more deep breaths before she relaxed again).

T: Where are you now?

C: I am in my college class in St. Xavier’s. (She vividly described the class, the teacher, her classmates, her closest friend and gave me their names as well as the name of the subject).

T: What is happening?

C: I am sitting in the class and I am feeling very unhappy, very stressed. There is Harish and Ronald, and their friends, Rubani and Mehta are around me. In the corner, is another boy, an Anglo-Indian boy, Wilson, who is looking at me. He always teases me (her voice rises and becomes shrill).

T: What is the teasing? What does he do?

C: I have this brooch; it is in the shape of a bulldog. Whenever I wear this brooch, Wilson always teases me. He makes fun of me and I do not like it.

T: Why do you wear this brooch? What significance does it have for you?

C: Its just – I like it very much; it was a gift and I like to wear it. But Wilson always teases me and today I am very upset (talks as if crying) and tears come from her eyes.

T: (watching the breathing) What is different about today? What is happening:

C: I am in class and Wilson has drawn a sketch of the brooch and me and stuck it on the desk of the teacher. The class can see and so can I, but the teacher cannot see. I am sitting in front of the sketch and I am very very upset, I am crying.

T: Then what is happening?

C: I am getting more and more upset and crying (she is also crying during the session), the teacher has his back to the class so cannot see. Now, the teacher turns around and he sees me – he sees that I am very upset, and that I am crying. He does not know what has made me so upset. He asks me but I cannot tell him. So, he comes to the front of the class and then he sees the sketch. And he asks me if that has upset me, I nod. So, he asks the class who has done this sketch. No one answers. He asks me then; I cannot say anything as I am very upset. He asks again and promises detention for everyone if he does not get an answer, so someone tells him that it is Wilson. The teacher sends him out of the class and then dismisses the class.

T: What happens next?

C: I do not know. I think I go home. But when I get to college the next day, we learn that Wilson was sent to the principal’s office. I do not exactly know – but we learn that Wilson has left the college.

T: How does that make you feel?

C: Okay. I did not have any ill feelings towards Wilson, but he used to tease me whenever I wore that brooch and that I did not like.

T: Is there any message for you from this memory?

C: I do not know, but I feel very relaxed now

T: Okay, do you want to remain here for some time or do you want to move on?

C: No, we can move on

T: Ok, At the count of 1, you may move to next most significant memory……3 – 2 – 1, you are at the next most significant memory.

C: Uh…huh…huh (very agitated and stressed)

T: (noticing the change in body language) Take a deep breath, exhale any stress or tension that you are feeling and relax. Feel yourself relax. (We did 2 more deep breaths but she could not relax).

T: If you are ready, we can go back to your garden, you could give me a sign (CU raised a finger in some minutes). In a count of 3-1, we will go to your garden again. You can could spend some time here, rest, relax, maybe sit on the bench there if you wish.

C: (Client relaxes and face smoothens out)

T: (after some time) In a moment, we will move up on some beautiful mountains – just moving out of spring into summer, green and with beautiful flowers, are you ready to proceed?

C: Yes (we reached the top of the cliff for reframing).

During reframing, she could notice many of the painful memories and future concerns and was able to reframe those in metal frames. After throwing the boxes, the client mentioned she felt more serene. She took her time but said that she was feeling more at peace.

T: Would you like to continue further?

C: Yes

T: Okay, let us go back to the garden for a little while. In a count of 3-1, we will go to your garden again.

C: (Looks very happy and relieved)

T: Ok, At the count of 1, you may move to the earlier most significant memory that was stressful for you……3 – 2 – 1, you are at that significant memory.

C: Uh…huh…. (But calmer than before)

T: Where are you?

C: I am at home, in Master Chambers (name of the building). I am sitting in the hall and my father is shouting at me. I am in the hall and he keeps entering the room, shouting, and making sarcastic remarks and then leaving the room. I am listening but I cannot say anything.

T: Why can you not say anything?

C: I am afraid of him. He is shouting and shouting and shouting

T: (watching for stress) What is he saying?

C: He is upset because I want to change my major from B.Sc. to B.A. – he is shouting that I am stupid and that I have wasted his money and so much time. He is angry that I asked Fr. Oliver to talk to him about the change. Fr. Oliver went to the clinic and spoke to him and my father came home and started shouting at me. He keeps saying one sentence, then walks out of the room and then comes back in and says another sentence.

T: Is there anyone else in the room?

C: No.

T: Is there anyone else at home?

C: I think my mother and my sisters – V and C.

T: What are they doing?

C: They are watching but not interfering. He is shouting and shouting and shouting.

T: How old are you?

C: 17 or 18 years old

T: 17?

C: No, 18

T: How are you feeling?

C: I am feeling a little scared and nervous but I want to do the B.A. not the B.Sc.

T: (refers to client history) You mentioned that you did do what you wanted to do, you completed your education, became a teacher, and enjoyed your career.

C: Yes

T: How do you feel about your accomplishments and your achievements?

C: (Talks about her career and how each decision was pathbreaking and successful at different stages – the difficulties she had and how she overcame them). I feel very proud and happy that I was able to do so much.

T: Tell me more – how does adult CU feel about herself, about her career?

C: I feel proud, I feel successful, I feel that I have achieved something

T: Ok, so if you had a message for 18-year-old CU – what would you say?

C: Do not worry or be stressed, you will do well in whatever you decide

T: Ok, so now let adult CU tell 18-yr old CU this – you will be successful, you will do what you need to do, you will achieve many things, you will feel accomplished.

C: Ok, doing that (she smiles)

T: What did you say to 18-yr old CU?

C: I told her – Let this old man shout and rant and scream, do not worry - you will be successful, you will do what you need to do, you will achieve many things, you will feel accomplished.

T: How are you feeling?

C: At peace

T: Is there a message for you from this memory?

C: The memory caused me a lot of pain because I only ever wanted my father’s affection and care but he never gave that to me. Today I am ok and I feel better.

T: Ok, do you want to move on?

C: Yes, but first I want to go to the garden

T: Okay, let us go back to your garden for a little while. In a count of 3-1, we will go to your garden again.

T: As you leave the garden on the count of 3-1, we will begin a slow walk through a tunnel. As you are going through this tunnel, allow yourself to go even deeper into your mind, into your memories, and your previous life memories. These may be sharp images or blurs or thoughts or colours or feelings, do not worry, you are safe and secure, allow yourself to experience it all. At the end of the tunnel, you will see a space with multiple doors – these doors may be of significance via colours or numbers or names – it does not matter, you may choose which door feels right for you to open and which will land you in the relevant PL memory for the reason of your low back pain.

T: 3….2….1 – you are now walking through the door that will give relevant PL memory for the reason of your low back pain.

C: hammam……uh……huh

T: Where are you?

C: (takes some time to respond) I am in a hospital

T: What does the hospital look like?

C: There is bed, no windows, a door, a bathroom/toilet

T: Is there any medical equipment?

C: No, just the bed and a fan and light and 2 chairs

T: What do the chairs look like?

C: They are metal folding chairs

T: How old are you?

C: About 34-35 years old

T: What are you doing?

C: I am lying on the bed

T: How are you lying on the bed? On your stomach?

C: No, I am curled up on my side and holding my stomach (shows signs of emotional stress)

T: What are you feeling?

C: I am waiting and waiting and waiting. I want to go home. The hospital team told me that someone will come to discharge me. But I am still waiting

T: How long have you been in the hospital?

C: A very long time

T: How long do you think it is?

C: Oh, at least 3 – 4 months, may be even more, a very long time, I want to go home

T: Where is home?

C: Very far from here, but I can go home, I know

T: What year is it?

C: I do not know, but I know that I have been waiting to go home

T: Who will come to discharge you?

C: I do not know but someone will come, I know. The hospital people are telling me that I can go home anytime but I know I cannot do that

T: Why not?

C: Because I need help from someone to sit up, to stand, to walk

C: Ohhhhhhhh, there is a severe pain in my lower back just now, it is very painful……ohhhhhhh……

T: This pain is in your memory or just now

C: Just now – very very painful……ohhhhhh

T: Take a deep breath, exhale any stress or tension that you are feeling and relax. Feel yourself relax. This pain you have already lived through – do not be worried or scared. (We did 3 more deep breaths).

T: Now, let us work together to address the pain that you are feeling……

C: Ok

T: (modulating the voice and controlling the tone and varying as required)

Pain is a warning signal from your body.

You do not need to be warned about this specific pain any more. Other warnings that may be needed will occur as needed.

In this specific case you know the problem is there and you are correcting it.

If you need to know about a change, if your body needs to send you a warning, you will feel a tingling in the area instead.

You will then see that any new problem is taken care of.

You no longer feel any pain connected with this specific pain but this in no way alters your warning pain signals for any other reason.

Allow yourself now to concentrate on the healing light that has already entered your body. This healing light moved through all the different parts of your body, removing pain and stress, grief and negativity and replacing these with healing, with positivity and with love. Allow this healing light to be concentrated in the area where you feel the pain just now, where you wish for the pain to go away and stay away.

Allow the healing ball of light to work rapidly and do instantaneous healing.

Feel all tension leaving the area. Feel the muscles of your body relax. Feel the area be filled with healing light. Any painful emotions or any grief is replaced with positive energy and healing. Feel secure, feel safe, feel loved.

Release all the pain. Replace it with love and healing.

All pain is completely gone from the area.

Feeling soothed, relaxed, and painless.

As though the entire area has been anesthetized without taking away any motor response what-so-ever.

You have complete muscle and motor response but that specific area has no pain.

Do not call back that pain.

It has served its purpose.

You do not need that pain.

You do not want that pain.

That pain no longer belongs to you.

Feel yourself free of that pain.

C: (makes no response but concentrates and I can see her following the suggestions).

T: (giving the client a few minutes) Allow yourself to relax even more. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, relax even more, letting go of any residual stress or tension. (We do this 2 more times).

T: How do you feel now?

C: Very relaxed, very comfortable

T: Is there any pain

C: No, the pain has completely gone – in my lower back and in my feet

T: Okay, let us go back to the garden for a little while. In a count of 3-1, we will go to your garden again.

C: Ok

T: (Client is very relaxed) Allow your garden to rejuvenate you and to energize you, be at peace. Feel safe, feel secure, feel loved.

T: When I count from 1 to 10…slowly come back to the room. Gradually awaken yourself feeling free of all karmic burdens, cut all karmic cords, just allow yourself to feel the happiness lessons from the Divine and Your Spirit Guides. As I count from 1 to 10, slowly start feeling – your clothes, the chair, begin to move your toes, be aware of your surroundings, rub your hands together and cup your eyes and come back to complete alertness.

Closure & conclusions:

The client was very shocked and surprised at the experience but also very happy. She had described a few other memories (from past lives), but as these were very fleeting, did not include them here. Client said that she was feeling emotionally drained and very tired but completely relaxed – never has she felt so relaxed.

We discussed the incidents that have been documented. I gave her some water and a cold refreshing towel and asked to relax in the semi-darkness for some time.

When she was ready, I asked if she would like to eat something and gave her a light soup.

When I did a follow-up call with her after 3 days, the lower back pain had not returned. Also, the pain/tingling in her feet had disappeared.

Even as I post this case, the pain in her lower back has not returned and the client wants to do another case to address some other issues.

Pain Level Post Session – 0

Side Note: Despite the client being apprehensive about using the facilities while under trance, during both sessions, she did not indicate any discomfort nor use the IMR to request for a break.


This is so surprising and impressive. Almost 5 hours and that too when client is 87+ of age and had physical pain to be addressed as theme… and emerging out to be much relaxed…wow! :clap::clap::clap:


My my …my dear @vidadez…I also dont mind a soup… u r the coolest therapist who so patiently handled the sweet old lady… god bless u dear …so we swap… parsi bhonu for u and a bowl of soup for me… u r so gentle with ur words that anyone can get lured …sambhal ke :wink:…awesome …gr8 going …really… I now feel v were picked up to release the pain and bring smile in people’s life …gr8 going…looking forward for next :heart_eyes:


@vidadez, congratulations for the first successful session :hugs:
As correctly said sometimes the psychological pain is much more intense than physical. Best wishes for the clients good health.


Dear Siddhi, there was some time before the induction wherein I briefly went over the previous session, and steps 1 to 8, and also we discussed the theme again. I also spent some time ensuring that she was comfortable. After the session, we spent at least 1 hour or a little more discussing the session and allowing her to process it. So actual induction may have been about 2 to 3 hours or so. I did not really check the time as I was focused on the client responses. But yes, when I checked the time at complete closure it was about 5 hours. I, too, was very surprised and the client even more as the client felt that only a short time had elapsed. Thanks for your feedback! Hugs, Vida


Dearest Kaynaz, thank you so much for your feedback. Sure, soup for parsi bhonu is a good offer! I feel blessed to be a part of this process. Will connect with you soon!


Vida this is so so amazing. I think nothing can be compared to the happiness which you get when our parents are happy and in your case you have relieved your mom of the pain which she was having for last 40 years .
You have managed the session beautifully. And the biggest testimony is her pain is gone.


Dear Pooja - thanks so much for your feedback and your support. The client is really happy and very relaxed just now. Also, the client seems to be much free-er than before and almost childlike in her interactions. She also says that she is sleeping much better. I feel blessed to have been able to add value. Hugs, Vida


Dear Vida, fantastic session, it was executed beautifully. Your instructions were calm and composed.

Just a point that I learnt through my previous sessions from our Guru and seniors:
T: Why do you wear this brooch?
T: Why can you not say anything?
Here: C is generally stuck with the ‘Why’ questions and may start conscious thinking/analysis/fear of coming out of trance state. So can be reframed with 'What question’:blush:.

For 87YO it must taken lots of patience to execute the session… I’m so glad that all your efforts paid off, as she felt relaxed and with no pain…Hats off Vida🫡.


Dear Kaushik,

My heartfelt compliments for the following : :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

Sharing our learnings is one of the best practice we can do for our Beloved Guru :pray:

Thank you
:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Dear Aditi,

Yes, thanks so much for your message. I was a little concerned and so was she. But she insisted, when completing the form, that as therapist I should use her name, and that is what I did.

I’m so grateful to Amarantos and all of you, my family, to be able to release/relieve some pain for somone (in this case, my mother). God gives the opportunity when it is the right time. We are truly blessed.



Dear Kaushik,

Thanks so much for that feedback. Yes, next time I will try and use other questions. You are right - the What questions provide much less stressful information.

Client was very apprehensive and really she could not believe the pain has gone.

Thanks so much! :pray:

Bests, Vida

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Hi Vida

Wonderful Session.
I am actually very happy that her life long pain was removed. This is physical pain. It has come to NIL. What more can one expect.

Now coming to the session, regressing a 87YO client is not easy.
Secondly carrying the school/college bullying trauma till 87YO…Im actually shuddering to think what happens to all those who commit suicide due to bullying/ragging or bottle up the traumas inside and grow into a emotional wreak adult just because of ragging…A very important lesson for all of us.
Third, I liked very much when the adult CU addressed the child CU and then she felt relaxed. This was taught by our Guru but I had forgotten. Ill use this , if possible in my next case.

Overall I felt it was very well executed case. The client is completely satisfied. The Client has got the taste of blood and now will come back for resolving more challenges. All the best Vida. Well Done


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Wow nice one! You need special applause for putting into trance and stabilizing a 87 yrs old person, since their mind keeps swaying and difficult to focus on a spot.
Very depressing father…excellently mapped the current manifestation with the actual prior event, leading to the eradication of the symptom!..Kudos.


Hey Vida!

A well conducted session. Clear and crisp instructions. Clients returning to garden over and over shows how safe she felt there. Inner child healing is so important for our growth.

Amazing first attempt! However I feel you could have explored more of your client’s past since it did open up clearly and the emergence of her lower back pain at that precise moment could have been used to help her reach the root cause of it and gain a deeper lesson or understanding.

But this is just my view and opinion. What happened there is much more known to you.

However, resolving of such a long standing lower back pain definitely must have brought tremendous relief to her. Kudos to you for creating this for her.

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Dear Shilpa,

Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, Client was very happy and secure in the garden (I had suggested that she had cultivated and curated the garden and it was hers!).

I did want to explore more but the client was extremely uncomfortable, so I emerged the client.

Today, I spoke to the client and she says this, "Hello Vida, thanks for checking on me. I want to say that I move (lower limbs) more freely now and also… I used to have an urge to urinate very often during the day…this has reduced, to the fact that when I used to get up 5-6 times a night, I now get up once or maybe twice! When is the next session?

But, Shilpa, appreciate your feedback and will use it - many thanks!



Dear Ananda,

I tried my best to remain calm and follow our Teacher, Venu.

It is with God’s Grace and Blessings of Venu and steadfast belief of Neha that I was able to make some beneficial difference to the client.

Thank you so much!



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Dear Deepak,

Thank you so much for this feedback.

I, too, was shocked to hear about the bullying (college mate and father) and how it affected her.

The client wants to do another session and I’ll post those details soon.

Thanks again,



Glad to see this submission my blessed @vidadez
Hope you have submitted the meta of this session in the towards certification.

It depicts your grander but actually they are mine :slight_smile: as this is your first session since the workshop.

so many years of suffering!

Observation of the non-verbals is to the professional level, kudos to you Vida,

Can’t believe this is your first PLRT sessions, <musing within, you’ve brought all your professional people skills to level up to being such an expert!)

Once this is done, everything else is taken care of!

We could have paraphrased here, coached relaxation, deepened and then given the suggestion to move ahead.

Well done!

First part of this was suggestive but 2nd seemed like mind reading, which can be avoided to remain in sync with client’s experience.

Stress management was done well, but we could have anchored the client more into the feeling and I’m certain this would have led us to the Engram.

I was reading with bated breath for you ask this question and here it was! Well done Vida, this is how we anchor.

Brilliant way to arrive at resolution for what surfaced.

It would have been nice if we had facilitated the discovery of these, but given that this was your 1st session, desperation might have made you do this.

Just an “Okay” in acknowledging a healing of a lifetime! :slight_smile:
It’s a miracle, even for me who is reading this after so many days, I have goosebumps!
Why I’m so excited is that this experience proved that the pathological cause of pain of decades was psychogenic! And healing within was the apt approach for it.


Reminds me of a healing case which was witnessed by all during the Vasi batch for Col. Bala
30-years arthritic knee pain overcome with Amarantos 15-Stage PLRT


Dear Venu,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my report. Your insights are valuable in guiding me for my next cases.

Yes, it was my first case, and I was a little concerned.

After reading your comments, I feel a little more confident.

Thank you very much.



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