Stress from family Relationships

Anita ( Name changed) , F, 65+, 8/10, 3/5, V, Stress from family Relationships 8/ 10

History : ( The client has a very calm nature , she is a relative , she is very calm & is never seen angry , everyone in family likes her a lot)

As per client- My childhood was mostly good as far as I remember . yes, but I had 2 times traumatic experiences in childhood when i forgot way to my home when i was coming back from school to my house .

we use to come by walking & we newly shifted to this city , i was walking playing and coming looking here and there & suddenly i found myself to a place where there were no houses n all and i got scared ( this happened 2 times ) both times some stranger would drop me home as i use to tell colony name & house name .

Still i have a fear that i will forget house way, i am not able to remember ways even if i have gone there many times , i have fear of being lost still.

My professional life has been v good always , i am a retired Principal of govt. College .

But i always felt stress due to family situations or close family members . Either they caused it or it was caused because of them . My husband was caring but was short tempered and use to say too much in anger. I had a very rough phase in marriage for 2-3 yrs due to third person then i also had stress as my first child was born dead & third i had to abort due to complications with the child . 2nd child born healthy , a daughter . Rest two were male child .

I wanted one more child , boy also but then my husband said one daughter is sufficient.

Then i has stress when for 2-3 yrs my daughter was not happy in her marriage.

Then i lost my husband suddenly .

After that my tenants who were living from many years in my house denied vacating the house , i wanted to shift there after my husband passed away.

The lady & her husband living there has turned as enemies now & have filled a case stating that its their house . That lady tries to give me stress and tension every now and then by creating new new things …

( The client really looked stressed out and sad)

A is a relative & wanted PLR to seek answer to the questions that:

  1. Why she faces stress in family relationships since marriage specially from close family members specially from her husband & due to children.

  2. Why a lady & her husband ( currently her tenants ) are not vacating her house, why they took a 360 degree turn after the client’s husband passed away & why she keep creating stressful conditions for the client & keep doing cases on her , why she says that its her house and she wont leave it , why she has turned so aggressive .

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

The client was taken to trance via Dave Elman & progressive relaxation

Visualisation done taking client to garden with all beautiful descriptions .

Then , Client was suggested to visualise a bridge of stress and walk over it with the count of 10-1 and see from where this stress comes from ……Visualise a door to seek your answer as you enter the door , your subconscious mind will tell you where this stress is coming . As i count from 3 2 1 open the door and enter it …… 3…. 2 …. 1 …

Client in trance

T: What comes to your awareness ?
C: A tall , healthy & fair woman .

T: Who is she ?
C :It feels this is me ! ( seems confused)

T: What is she wearing, see her clothes?
C: Saree of ulta Palla, a kala Dora in the neck.

T: What’s happening, can you see?
C: Yes, she is fighting with a lady, this other lady seems her daughter in law, now she has slapped her daughter in law.

T: What is her name?
C: Rukmani! my name is Rukmani.

T: Rukmani, why you slapped her, what happened?
C: I don’t know ( trying to figure out)

T: Go to any other significant event of this life, what comes to your awareness?
C: Sandhya is cutting vegetables.

T: Who is Sandhya?
C: Daughter in law. She is cutting vegetables and then this tall lady is pushing her. Sandhya also pushes back and goes in kitchen.

T: Who else is there around?
C: One man is standing, he is my husband Ramlal, he looks like a villager. He has black skin tone & has a gamcha on the shoulder, he is seeing silently not saying anything.

T: What happens between Rukmani & Sandhya? Why they fight?
C: Sandhya does not finish work in, time & so I get angry on her and sometimes she also fights back, she also speaks badly (crying)

T: Where is your son? try to see.
C: He is here only; he always takes his wife’s side.

T: Go to any other significant event of this lifetime, you can see clearly with a count of 321 … 3 2 and 1.
C : Sandhya and my son are with their luggage, they are leaving the house.( Crying, Breathing suggestions were given to manage stress)

T: You can now Go to your death scene, see what comes to your awareness?
C: I am lying on bed, I have some disease, i am 55- 60, My husband is crying. My son, Sandhya and their child has come now when i am no more. (Crying a lot)

T: You can float above and can see what happens?
C: Sandhya is not at all sad, she seems smiling. My son also has come now, when I died, he knew that I was ill.

T: What were your last thoughts?
C: That God, do not give me Son in any life. (crying)
(Tried Breathing technique for managing stress then she looked okay)

T: What are your learnings from this life?
C: Anger is not good; we should not misbehave with family members and should not be angry upon family members. We should maintain good relations with family members.

T: Look into Sandhya’s eyes is she there with you in this lifetime & your son.
C: Yes, Sandhya is the lady who is my tenant today, she is the one. My son is her husband today also (surprised)

T: Now as you have left your body, where are you now? What comes to your awareness?
C: I can see a very young, handsome Sadhu, he is going somewhere.

T: Who is this, Sadhu?
C: It is me, I am this sadhu

T: Where are you going?
C: Snowy mountains are there, no humans around, no one

T: Yes, What else?
C: It seems I have forgotten the path; I am searching for right path; I am not getting the way. I died due to cold and lack of food and water. I died. (seems fearful)

T: You can go in your childhood, any significant event, see what’s happening?
C: A lady, I think my mother is giving me as a baby to a sadhu. Sadhus are taking me.

T: Why she gave you to sadhus?
C: She had a Mannat which got fulfilled, she said that if that happens, she will give her eldest son to Sadhus.

T: What can you learn from this lifetime, is there anything to learn from?
C: I fear paths, I feel I will get lost. I got lost then, I died.

T: Now as you left your body of Sadhu. Where are you now?
C: (after some time) There is a temple, a hanuman temple.

T: What else comes to your awareness?
C: A fat pandit. I feel I am this pandit.

T: What’s happening, who else is there?
C: Pandit is holding a girl’s hand tightly with anger, the girl is in fear. This girl is Pandit’s daughter.

T: What is Pandit’s name?
C: Don’t know, wife calls him Pandit g

T: Why pandit is holding girl’s hand with anger, what happened?
C: She has broken the Laltane

T: Which year is this?
C: 1849

T: Can you see Pandit’s house?
C: Yes, Temple is there & a barmada is there and house is also here.

T: You can now go to dinner time, see who all are there?
C: wife, two sons, one daughter sitting and eating on the ground.

T: You can now go to any significant event in this lifetime & see what happens?
C: Pandit is very sad , he seems very lean & thin , weak he is very sad .

T: What happened?
C : His one son got lost , that is why he is sad.

T: you can now move to your last time , what comes to your awareness?
C: Pandit is very lean & thin on a bed ( khaat) he is going to die ( tears rolling down )

T: Float above your body and see what happens ?
C: Everyone is crying , my wife , Son , daughter she has also come . My elder son who got lost has also come now . He is a sadhu now , a sadhu( surprised & tears rolling down)

T: Where was the elder son , he got lost , what happened , see ?
C: He ran away from the house because , he was very fearful from me , he ran from house and sadhus found him , he also grew up with them.

T: What you learnt from this lifetime ?
C: Anger is dangerous , we should not be angry and misbehave with family members , love is very important , show love , no anger . My son ran away from house because of his fear from me , all life i lived in sadness & was never happy after that , i got ill and died due to that , he became sadhu . ( crying , tears rolling)
*( Please breathe deeply , relax, inhale deeply , exhale slowly … whatever happened is all past , you are now here )

T: Where are you now ?
C: I am light, feeling light

T: Who is with you ?
C: I can see a Man , a Man , he is having a belt in his hand, he is beating a lady.

T: Who is this Man ? Why is he beating her?
C: This is me , This lady is my wife , i am beating her because she has again not prepared food in time . I am hungry , I have returned from work.

T: What is your name ?
C: Don’t know

T: What you call your wife ?
C: Kiren

T: You can now move to a significant event of this life 3 2 1 …
C: He is holding this lady’s hairs & dragging her because she never makes food in time. She is looking angrily now.

T: You can now move to a significant event of this lifetime. See what comes to your awareness?
C: A Man is there with hat or cap ( something like this) He is saying that my daughter will not live with you . There is a little boy also 5-6 years , he is my son . My wife and son going now with her father .

T: Go to any significant event ahead ?
C: I am on bed , people are standing around , people are saying , he will die now. i am ill.

T: Who else is here ? is your family here?
C: No

T: Float above and see what happens?
C: My wife has come, with my son. She came when I died. someone informed her.

T: Yes, what else?
C: Someone asked her what she will do now, will you stay here or with father. She says this is my house I and my son will stay here. A man, he is Neighbour says that your husband has given house to me on papers, she says no I will stay here, this is my house.

T: What happens then?
C: She stays in one room here & in one portion that Neighbour lives, I gave him house because he took care of me when I was ill.

T: Is anyone of these are there with you in this lifetime?
C: Yes, Kiren, is my tenant ( takes her name) now , she will not leave the house .

T: Is anyone else related to you ?
C: No

T: Do you want to look back to any lifetime again? of Rukmani, sadhu or pandit?
C: Rukmani!

T: Your subconscious mind has the capacity to take you to Rukmani’s life. I am counting 3 -1 and you will see Rukmani’s lifetime.3 2 …. 1 …What comes to your awareness?
C: Rukmani is sitting on the ground , feeding food to a 7-8 year old boy. He is not eating properly but She loves him. A girl is also eating food , she is 8-9 , she is eating herself , keeping plate herself . she is my current daughter ( crying)

T: Where is your husband ?
C: He is standing here only , he is saying you always keep on running for son , he never listens . He was right , my son left me for wife , still he listens to his wife . I thought in this life - don’t give me son again .

T: Hmmm . What else ?
C: Some unseen energy is there . ( T Alert)

T: Yes , what this energy tells you ?
C : Anger is bad , Be good to family , give love , be kind, keep good relations with family.

T: How are you feeling now ?
C: light , calm …. ( smile on lips , tears drops rolling from eyes)

T: Can we come back now with all the lessons learnt ?
C: Yes ( seemed calm)

Pain level Before session - 8 , After session - 2
Conclusion / Suggestions :

Learnings (as per client) & after discussion:

  1. Anita does not have Son in this lifetime as she manifested it during death in one of the lifetimes - (feeling was- Don’t give me Son)

  2. A feels stress in family relations as her soul is carrying this feeling of stress since lifetimes. As in every lifetime family members left her due to her anger & lifetimes were stressful.

  3. Client in lifetime is very calm in nature as during every death time, the last feelings were - Anger is dangerous, we should not be angry on people, we should keep good behavior with family member & should give them love.

  4. The current tenant was daughter in law in one lifetime & Wife in other & in both lifetimes relations were strained. Anita should now ask for forgiveness to the soul (Sandhya & Kiren) should also forgive. Anita said she use to feel anger for this lady (tenant) before & now after session she is not feeling anger for her.

  5. Anita feels fear to be lost & fear to not find house path (this happened in childhood also) and in one of the lifetimes as Sadhu she was lost & died of hunger.

  6. She said that she feels light & she is not feeling stress now.

  7. she was suggested to forgive & ask for forgiveness from the souls with whom relations were strained.

Thanks a lot! After session received this feedback from the client


Wow! Looking at the dexterity and quality of suggestions I can’t believe that you are just getting started my blessed daughter. You’ve made me so glad :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Keep up the great work.
(T alert) :star_struck::joy: I can imagine!



Dear Shipra, phew! Thee way you have handled the case is so commandable. I am feeling proud that i know you.
Though we are made up of 5 elements but no use of being only 5 elements . If we don’t have 6th element(love) or we are not fill with love always.
Many times we wonder despite being so good or nice ,why wrong happens to people.We are not aware about anything but yes our concious and universe know this, why are we here?
Few more lessons need to learn.
From me to you
Love love love


Congratulations Dr Shipra.
Very we’ll done and the stress was managed beautifully.
Thankyou so much.



@shiprabharadwaj13 I am in awe for your work. Very well done. Congratulations on this mile stone.


Getting these words from your side has given me the feeling which I can’t express!!! :hugs:

Whatever little bit I was able to do was only by Master’s grace and your blessings my Beloved DADDY MY GURU (ALL IN ONE) and your Guidance. Else I am not even Capable of understanding this divine Stuff, Lifetimes, Karmic connections etc.

Definitely I have done something very good in my previous lifetimes that I found you. Thank you with all my heart. With your divine guidance and grace, I will definitely improve and make you proud, I promise. :smile: :smile: :smile:

Yes, When the client said 'Some unseen energy is there ’ I got alert & scared too. I thought …which energy is this!!! :sweat_smile:


Dear Shipra
Excellently!! Conducted session. The suggestions were Bang on. The management of stress excellent and then overall, integration mind blowing.
Thanks for sharing this with all of us.
All strength to you


Dear Shipra,

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experiance with us. You addressed all the issues of the client in a single session with accurate engram, well controlled stress and executing the session in a professional manner. Hats off to you. Please keep going.

Ashish Meher


Congratulations once again @shiprabharadwaj13,
Once again because I was your ginnepig :wink:and you did pass with rainbow colours.
Many more to celebrate :hugs:


Excellent Shipra. You did it with multiple lifetimes! Professionally managed.


Congratulations DrShipra finally you could give some inner peace and could find out root cause for ur clients as i started reading i could relate so many things as we always say inner world is the reflection of the outer world but now i have realised our past life is the reflection of the present situation, our thoughts our feelings carry forward to our present life also, patterns always repeat , our loved ones will never leave use , this was my take away im feeling blessed i joined Amarantos family, txn u Dr Shipra for eye opener


Ashish ji thank you so much for your kind motivational words .

This is all the Masters & our beloved Guru Dr. Venu . I know nothing to that sort .

I only imagined what our guru would say & do in this session & kept doing that .

In prayer I invoked Angel Masters & our beloved Guru Dr . Venu to be here.

It worked …:smiling_face:


Dear Ashish ji,

Thank you so much for your kind words . You gave me the strength to post the case here .
1st time when i saw miracles happening during your own regression where the therapist was our Beloved Dr. Venu ( himself ! &
second time when you posted the wonderful case you posted as a therapist .
Thanks for all the inspiration !!


Oh my my …my dear shipra (peacock in one life time though the feather colours hair I have)…I give u all the wonderful colour love hugs and kisses :blue_heart::green_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart::heartpulse::sparkling_heart::gift_heart: for conducting ur first assignment where I while reading was thinking…what’s coming next …so I started from last line and went up and read twice ulta pulta …kudos my fellow ATLANTIS…one thing I agree u wrote we r unable to understand this karmic stuff and lifetimes …its definitely thanks to dad that he picked us up in this lifetime :slightly_smiling_face::rofl::wink::upside_down_face::joy::kissing_heart:…jokes apart …all the very best in life and to ur coming endeavours
God bless​:kissing_heart::nazar_amulet::innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:


Thank you so much Ramya for your sweet words .
Its all Our Angel Masters & our beloved Guru Dr. Venu who are & will bless us for the sessions .
They are with us all the time . :smiling_face::smiling_face:

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Thank you so much Deepak ji for your kind & motivating words .
Its all grace of our Angel Masters & blessings of our beloved Guru Dr. Venu .:smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot Neelam for your kind words & motivation. :smiling_face: With great Angel Masters & by our Guru’s Dr. Venu’s grace we are putting baby steps . We will learn to walk one day.
Karmic calculations are really complex but one thing we can understand is that there is a very strong cause and affect relationship here.

Soul comes to learn & grow …to upgrade itself. How beautiful is this !!!


Dear Shipra
Thanks for the kind words. I feel we are all mediums in each other’s journey. All strength to you and may you complete many more successful healings.


So impressive Shipra! Very well navigated. All the best for future cases:)


Dear Shipra,

My heartiest compliments for a very well articulated case and also for presenting it so comprehensively. Bravo !!

Highlights for me are :

  1. Once Engram established you addressed the client with name of previous lifetime that she is experiencing as present.
  1. Experiencing Death brings instrumental and pointed learnings. Did for all lifetimes experienced.
  1. Bingo…When in stress - Breathe. You handled it so well many times.
  1. The client’s subconscious is the one running the show. It only decides and brings up what is most important from learning point of view.
  1. What a transition to another lifetime…
  1. You gave best chance to client to close any more unresolved issues.
  1. T Alert !! A be prepared task if it actually comes up. May be war game it with oneself or any batchmate. Sadhna and Purity Of Heart, to my mind, are the best tools to face such sitautions.
  1. Wonderful insights, learnings, resolutions of themes…the list is endless…

Its like an outstanding action packed movie…start to finish …not an iota of break in flow.

Wishing you many more Healings


Monesh :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: