Suffering due to Health Issue since childhood: A animal hunter turned Animal Lover!

Shaurya (name changed), M, 16, 8/10, V, 3/5, Suffering due to Health Issue since childhood, 9/10

The client is 15+ yrs. and studies in School.
History as per client- I am happy in my life and I have very nice parents and a younger brother.
As far as I remember my childhood was good and no major issues were there from school or family.
I think I am very patient and have a very sensitive heart, meaning that I think a lot about others’ emotions and try not to say anything or do which might hurt anyone.

I have a special love for animals. I have my own pet dog. I also feel a lot about animals when I see the dying on roads by accidents or when I see them not getting food properly.
Recently I purchased collar belts for stray dogs, and I put them around the neck of 6-7 stray dogs. These collar belts shines at night, it might save them from getting hit on the roads at night.
I want to do something big for animals. I love music. I play guitar very well. Everything is good almost, but the thing is since childhood I have severe problem with my nose and throat. I am not able to breathe properly. I keep on sneezing most of the time and when I sleep, I cannot breathe with my nose I have to sleep with my mouth open to breathe properly. Even I keep on getting recurrent pain in my throat.

I have gone through many tests and long treatments, even when I was 5-6 yrs. old, I had to take steroids and it made me very fat. I also use to develop frequent skin allergies which came and went back. All my childhood most of the time I was on medicines only and till now I cannot breathe with my nose properly specially while sleeping.

No one has this problem in my family. I want to know the following from PLR:

1.Why I am suffering with these health issues since childhood. What have I done, what is my mistake.

2.Why can’t I breathe Like normal people.

3.Why do I have problem with my nose and throat since childhood. Why medical treatment doesn’t work much.

4.Why do I love animals so much that I feel pain if they are in Pain.

5 Can I do something to heal.

T: This is what the therapist said.
C: This is what the client said.

Four sessions were done. Client was taken to trance using Dave Elman and progressive relaxation.

we started with prayer.

The client was suggested to feel the pain he has suffered due to his health issues since childhood and tell that in which body part, and he feels this pain and he said in his head.
He was then suggested to imagine/ Visualize a bridge and with a count of 10-1 keep walking on the bridge and his sub conscious mind is capable enough to take him may be 50 yrs. or 100 back in time and it can come to his awareness that from where this health issue is coming from …He was suggested to visualize a door at the end of the bridge beyond which he may find the answers …


T: What comes to your awareness?
C: A road.

T: okay. What else?
C: Road only!

T: Okay, you can now look around. Is there anything else here?
C: yes, trees, a lot of trees. A forest.

T: Can you see your feet? What comes to awareness?
C: (after few seconds) Boots, brown boots.

T: hmmm. See your clothes.
C: A white shirt and a brown pant.

T: Of What age you look here?
C: Around 40

T: okay. What else?
C: I am having a gun, long gun in my hand.

T: What are you carrying the gun for?
C: It feels that I am in the forest for the hunting.

T: hmm. you can now move forward and see what did you hunt here?
C: A bird. A dark blue or blank bird.

T: okay. What else?
C: I can see me riding a bike on a road.

T: Where are you going, what comes to your awareness?
C: I can see a small cottage on some hill, and I am going inside.

T: Okay. Is there anyone else here with you?
C: No.

T: okay. With a count of 3 2 1 you can now move to any other significant event in this lifetime.3…2…1…
C: I can see myself in a tent. I am having food.

T: Of What age you look here?
C: 25-26

T: Is there anyone else with you in the tent?
C: yes, 3 boys of around same age. We are talking while eating food.

T: Okay. What is your name? Can you see anyone of the taking your name?
C: Nick.

T: Okay Nick. What are you all talking about? What comes to your awareness?
C: We are talking about some war. I feel we are in an army camp.

T: What comes to your awareness when you see outside the tent?
C: Many Tents, Soldiers here and there. I am a soldier. (figuring out) yes, I am a soldier.

T: What’s happening there?
C: Soldiers are in tents, some outside…(C felt in deep trance or sleepy, Voice sounds slow and low)

T: Okay Nick. So now we can go forward in time towards some significant event of this lifetime.3…2…1What comes to your awareness?
C: I am wearing a black suit. No, it is black army uniform. I have wounds on my nose face and neck and doctor is doing some treatment. It is bleeding.

T: what caused these wounds?
C: in some attack and counterattack.

T: What is your age at this time?
C: 27-28

T: Which Country’s soldier are you? Can you see some signs?
C: NO …Don’t know

T: What do you see or feel at the moment when doctor is treating your wounds?
C: I am…(after 1 minute) I see that I am unconscious.

T: hmm. what else?
C: I see a beautiful house, with lot of wooden work and hunted animals’ heads on the walls.

T: whose house is this?
C: My house. I am carrying a long gun, and I am proud that I have done all this hunting.

T: Are you Nick, the soldier?
C: Yes. But I am cruel to animals.

T: Let’s move to time of supper. Who all can you see?
C: My father and my younger brother.

T: How your brother and father look?
C: My brother is very fair with black curly hairs and small eyes. My father is fat, fair and black hair.

T: Okay. Let’s us now move to your last time. What comes to your awareness?
C: I am in a battlefield, and someone is shooting me. I do not have my gun with me. (stress was building up)

T: Okay, keep breathing deeply, breathe in and breathe out. Float above and you can see now what’s happening.
C: Some soldier shot me, shot me at my neck. Blood is coming from my neck. (Tears rolling, forehead tensed) suggestions were given for deep breathing.

T: Okay. What were your last thoughts?
C: I fought for my country and died for it, but I did bad to animals and birds. I killed them without their mistakes’. It must be so painful for them to die with shots. I am feeling bad.

T: As you have left your body, where are you now?
C: I am something small, something which flies (T thought he is in LBL but there are always unexpected things waiting!)

T: Okay. Where are you. What comes to your awareness?
C: I am in a bush!

T: You are in a bush so what do see here?
C: I am a blue bird, I feel. I am sitting on a bush.

T: What else?
C: I see water, a river. I am waiting on the bush to catch the fish from the water.

T: Okay. You can now go to any significant event of this lifetime of this Bird.3…2…1…What comes to your awareness?
C: I can see the bird’s one wing is bleeding and the bird fell down in the river.

T: what made the bird hurt. What happened?
C: Something went very fast through the wing, the wing got hurt and I am drowning in the river. I am not able to breathe. As I breathe water fills in my nostrils. I cannot breathe. Water is going in mouth and nostrils. (tears rolling down, client seems very emotional) deep breathe was suggested.

T: Hmmm I can understand this. It feels painful when you are not able to breathe.
C: yes, tears rolling. (T silent here for some time so that the stuck painful energy gets released here)

T: What have you learnt from this lifetime?
C: The Pain of being shot and die, the pain of animals and birds.

T: What did you learn from lifetime of Nick?
C: He was good soldier but a cruel human being, he killed so many animals and birds just for fun. Every life is precious. Animals also have feelings; they also feel pain the way human feels. I feel so bad that I did all this… (C feeling guilty)

T: Can Nick ask for forgiveness from all those animals and birds’ souls who he hunted?
C: Yes, I am asking…

T: Do they accept, are they ready to forgive?
C: Don’t know, I need to know understand their pain and do something good for them, they want, I feel. I understood this pain when I died as bird. I understood it.
I was shot as bird because of my karma.

T: As you have already felt the pain of the animals in bird lifetime. Is it okay to forgive yourself now?
C: No, but I killed so many. I have to do something for animals now.

T: As you have this love for animals now in this lifetime and you do good things for them now. can you forgive yourself now?
C: Yes, I see a hand touching my head and I feel he says I can forgive myself now. I love animals.

T: Can you see who is touching your head?
C: This hand is shinning but I cant see face as too much light is there.

T: Okay. (Silent for some time)
C: seems a bit okay now. face seems relaxed( may be feeling some good energy due to Angel / Master with shinning hand)

T: Can we come back with all the learnings and forgiveness received now and the knowingness that the breathing issues will be healed now.
C: yes…

The client was brought to awareness.

conclusion & Suggestions after discussion with client:

1.The client is suffering the breathing problem, where he feels he is unable to breathe may be because he drowned in water and had same breathlessness feeling in Bird lifetime during death and soul is carrying that feeling still in body.

2.He also feels pain in neck may be because he was hurt in neck badly in his soldier lifetime and died by being shot in neck/throat area.

3.His love for animals and being so caring for them and even feeling their pain when he sees them dying by accidents etc. is due to his last death feelings of soldier lifetime that -‘Every life is precious, and animals also feel the same pain as the human feels’.

4.As he was feeling guilty due to his deeds of soldier lifetime maybe he was not letting himself heal and as he has released guilt to great extent and has asked for forgiveness from animal birds’ souls, he may heal.

5.He is suggested to do Pranayama and meditation daily.

6.He is also suggested to continue the good work he is doing for animals.

Healing Happened - Good News ( Health issue reduced upto 60% within 3-4 days of last session )

Pain Level Before - 9
After 3-4 days of session - 2

When I talked to the client after 3-4 days of the last session, he said that he has felt 60% of improvement in his health issue and he said that he is doing all what is suggested and also told that his love for animals has increased now as he felt very connected to that bird lifetime.

Thank you so much Krishna, Angel Gurus and my master Dr. Venu for this beautiful message we learn from this Case.
“God is everywhere and in everyone.” Respect and love all beings.



It also reminded me of these lines from Messages From the Masters book,

                     *"Karma and Lessons"*

“We have debts that must be paid. If we have not paid out these debts, then we must take them into another life…in order that they may be worked through. You progress by paying your debts.”

:pray: :pray: :pray:


Dear Shipra,

Heartiest Congratulations again…well done. My feedback for your consideration please.

  1. Re-established the identity at correct time.
  1. Patience is the MAGIC WAND indeed.
  1. Beautiful and Blissful :pray: :pray: :pray:


:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Dr Shipra - This is a traditional PLR - Karmic Retribution happening - but quite profound. The realisation that came to the client that every being feels pain and gets hurt is profound - becàuse - I think each one of us (population) must have heard it from somebody in our life but we don’t pay heed to it. But when the life lesson says the same thing (by the masters or some higher enlightened being) then we remember it throughout our life time and chànge our perspective towards life.
Very well done Dr Shipra. Client was stressful quite often and you have handled well.
All the best - Deepak


Wow Shipra! What an excellent and enlightening session. Truly blessed to read stories of fellow batchmates and seniors doing so much of good work and helping people heal from pain of lifetimes.

You always bring so much of learning to the table via your sessions .


Thank you so much Deepak ji for again putting the learning of the case so beautifully.

Thank for the kinds words of motivation.

All cases gives so profound learning to us as a therapist , its so good​:pray:t2::heart:


Thank you so much for the beautiful feedback and motivation.

Your words & detailed feedback is always enlightening . Thank you so much for guiding us and motivating us so generously.



Dear Shipra,
Your ability to help the client draw insightful connections between their present issues and past-life experiences was impressive. The healing suggestions you provided were holistic and aligned with the regression experiences. The reported improvement in the client’s health within days is a testament to your effectiveness.
Overall, your session demonstrates competence, understanding, and a commitment to the client’s well-being. Excellent work!


Dear Kritika,

Thank you so much for your sweet words & feedback for the case.

We all are learning & we all will definitely grow as therapists and human beings learning from each other and by the guidance of beloved Guru Dr. Venu .

We all are so lucky to be part of Amarantos family❤️

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Thank you so much dear Shilpa for your kind words❤️

We all learn so much from each other . I have learnt ‘Strength’ from you . You are an inspiration for many girls and ladies who think that they are weak & always need some support to survive .

Thank you :smiling_face:

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Brilliant session and submission my blessed daughter @shiprabharadwaj13

The below question is well framed avoiding the “why”

Generally it’s a good idea and enhancer to paraphrase instead of suggesting “what else…” it’s a usual thing we all do when we get started so here some more info on this one Why we should pace instead of asking "Okay, what else?"

Answer to your question in the Sunday forum call, like I said, you already know the answer and here it was …

We see that this was a typical case of overcompensating

He is a small boy and it’s okay for you to have taken the lieu to be direct, but as I feel you are Pro, we can let the clients be control of the session and the above suggestion would’ve been awesome if it was “Let me know when you’d like to come back, take your time, I will be here…” And it’s always better when the resolutions come out from the client’s uncon. mind For example it could have been “What would you need to experience in order for you to let go of this breathing issue…”



:pray:t2:Thank you so much my daddy for the generous words of motivation always, which let me go ahead.

Thank you so much for the valuable suggestion🙏🏻

I used ‘ What else’ in previous cases also but by going through this topic ( Why we should pace instead of asking ‘ okay , what else?) now I know that how paraphrasing is good instead of suggesting ‘ what else’ , keeping in mind this I will surely do this in coming cases. :pray:t2:

Thank you so much :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

this would be really good if the client’s subconscious mind would have been left to take the charge instead of being direct . I will surely remember this lesson for future cases.

Whatever little bit happened was Master’s and your grace . May we members of Amarantos family be always blessed with this grace and blessing .

:pray:t2::heart: :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles: