Future Progression to consider options

Name : Subh
Gender : Female
Age : 45 years
Hypnotisability score : 6
Dominant sense : A – 9, V – 5, K - 1
Eyeball score : 2

Third session
17th January 2024
5:30 PM to 10 PM

Last month the client had undergone a PLRT session. During the session, she desired to know what future holds for her. However, after discussions, she decided the theme for her self-improvement. The link of the case is available on Lack of motivation for self-improvement.
During PLRT sessions, I had mentioned in passing that our method can be used for future progression, though I did not try it so far. After a few days of PLRT, she approached me for future progression and offered to be the guinea pig. Accordingly this session was scheduled.
I proposed that the contract and history taking taken earlier may be considered valid for this session and she readily agreed for the same. I asked her if she wanted to add something to what she had told me earlier and she indicated that she had shared everything and had nothing more to add. I asked her if she had any questions about the process, PLRT experience etc and she indicated that she had no questions and that the experience was just beautiful. She said that she could have a session for the experience itself, even if she did not get any vision about future.
I started with telling her the concept of future progression. I mentioned:

  1. The future is never certain. It all depends on the choices which we make.
    (I deliberately mentioned that future is not certain so that if she gets vision of some unpleasant event, I could tell her to try various options to avoid the event.)
  2. The glimpses of future are generally based on the blueprint decided by us before coming to this life and our choices in this life so far.
  3. FLP could be used to make choices for future.
    (I am not sure about the correctness of above. Dear Venu and others on forum may like to suggest deletion/ modification/ addition)
    I again told her that I am trying it for the first time and she was free to walk out if she so desired. On her willingness to continue, I asked her what she wanted to achieve through FLP. She indicated that she had a very successful 14 years stint in corporate world. She had quit it to look after her two children. Since the children have grown up now and they did not need her support so much, she was considering various career options. She had completed Reiki 3A course though she was not practicing it. She could become a full time Reiki practitioner. She likes to help people and gives many donations. Therefore she could join some NGO. After discussions, we came to conclusion that she was feeling that her potential is not being used optimally in her present profession of teaching primary classes. Therefore we chose following theme for the session:
    Theme : To get vision about future to utilize her potential optimally.
    I played The Great Bell Chant video to relax cognitive fatigue and left her alone.
    After the video, she moved to the recliner. We completed the checklist, decided IMR, prayed to Almighty and carried out Dave Elman induction, followed by Progressive Relaxation. Staircase and garden were used as visualization.
    During PLRT session, she had indicated that there were no traumas in her life and there was no need for the cliff session. But, this time she opted for the same. Therefore, cliff routine was carried out to get rid of her traumas. After the cliff routine, we started the attempt to get glimpses of future.
    T: While relaxing in this garden, the garden which is so safe for you and you feel so nice here, maybe it is time to further explore how you can exploit your potential in future. You may like to let me know when you are ready for this.
    T: (on indication of ‘yes’ through IMR) May be you can allow yourself to walk around in the garden. ………There is a bridge somewhere in this garden which can take you to future to see how you can exploit your potential. …. Let me know when you are able to spot such a bridge.
    T: (on indication of ‘yes’) Great. Now I will count from 3 to 1. On count of 3, allow yourself to start walking on the bridge and on the count of 1, allow yourself to reach at the other end of the bridge. 3 allow yourself to start walking on the bridge ……… 2 Midway on the bridge ……… 1 allow yourself to reach other end of the bridge.
    T: Could you cross the bridge?
    T: (on indication of ‘yes’) Great. Allow yourself to walk around and may be you will find three doors with 1, 3 and 5 written on it. Opening the door with 1, could give you glimpses of your life one year hence. Door with 3 could give you glimpses of your life three years hence and door with 5, life five years hence. ……. Let me know when you are able to spot such doors.
    T: (on no response for some time) Would you like to share what comes to your awareness?
    C: (in a very low volume and very softly) Lord Buddha is here. I am bowing to him. He is smiling and blessing me.
    T: Great. You may continue to pray to Lord Buddha and may be you can pray to Lord Buddha to show you the future to exploit your potential .… ……… ……. Would you like to share what comes to your awareness now.
    C: Lord Buddha is holding my hand and is taking me somewhere.
    T: Great. ….
    C: Now I can clearly see three doors with 1, 3 and 5 written on it.
    T: Very nice. Allow yourself to choose any door you feel like.
    C: I feel strong urge to open the door with 5. I want to open this door.
    T: Great. The other side of this door may give you glimpses of your life five years hence. Allow yourself to open the door and let me know what comes to your awareness.
    C: I have opened the door and have come on the other side. …. I see only darkness.
    T: OK. May be you can just hang around there. …… May be you can walk around in whatever direction you feel like. ……. Let me know whatever you feel, sense, hear or experience. …… May be something will come to your awareness which may have an answer how you can exploit your potential.
    T: With every breath, feel yourself going deeper …. and deeper …. and deeper … and deeper…… with every breath let yourself sink more and more in the couch … ……. Deeper and deeper …… So deep that you can get some awareness about how to exploit your potential.
    T: (on seeing some changes in her facial expression) Would you like to share what comes to your awareness?
    C: I am on a stage. I am telling something to the children there. It is a school. It is in a village. It is close to nature. My friend Pa is also here.
    T: Very nice. On a stage, in a school, close to nature, with your friend Pa …. Does any name of the place come to your awareness?
    C: Bhumi… Bhumi…
    T: Great. In a school in Bhumi, in a village, close to nature, speaking to children from the stage … would you like to share what you are telling the children …
    C: I can not make out what I am saying …
    T: Ok. Would you like to share who all are there on the stage …
    C: I can make out only Pa. There are some other persons. I do not seem to know them. Their faces are not very clear.
    T: Ok. Having addressed the children in a school in Bhumi … may be you can go to some other significant time … may be dinner time …
    C: I am in Hariharpura now. Nm (her son) is with me. There is a big crowd. Swamiji is addressing us.
    T: Great. In Hariharpura with Nm, listening to Swamiji …Would you like to share how Nm looks…
    C: He is fairly grown up, he is much taller (there was a smile on her face)… though his face is not very clear.
    T: Great. With taller Nm, listening to Swamiji, maybe you can ask Swamiji how you can exploit your potential. May be he can guide you in this regard…
    C: Lok kalyan … Lok kalyan (Social welfare) comes to my ears. I can hear swamiji’s voice saying Lok Kalyan.
    T: Great. Swamiji is telling you to go for Lok Kalyan.
    C: He is telling me that he will give me some task very soon. …. Swamiji’s main disciple is also with him. Both of them are blessing me and Nm.
    T: Great. Swamiji has advised you to go for Lok Kalyan and also you will get some task for this. Very nice. Continue to enjoy the moment, blessings of Swamiji and his main disciple …breathe in the moment …. And let me know when we can move further … may be to some other significant time.
    T: (on indication of ‘yes’) having been blessed by Swamiji and having got the message from him to go for Lok Kalyan, may be it’s the time to move further. … … allow yourself to go to some other significant time.
    C: I have come out of the door. I am standing in front of the door with 5 written on it.
    T: Ok. Standing outside the door now, the bridge which brought you to this door from the garden also should be somewhere there. Allow yourself to walk around and find the bridge and let me know when you spot the bridge.
    T: (on indication of ‘yes’) Great. I will count from 1 to 3. On count of 1, start walking on the bridge and at the count of 3 allow yourself to reach at the other end of the bridge in the garden, your safe place. 1 …. Allow yourself to start walking on the bridge … 2 mid way…….and 3 at the other end of the bridge … in the garden, in your safe place. May be you can find the bench and allow yourself to take rest as long as you want.
    T: Are you in the garden taking rest?
    T: (on indication of ‘yes’) Great. Continue to take rest as long as you want, remembering all that you have felt, experienced and learnt. …… Let me know when you would like to return to this time, this place, this day.
    On indication of ‘yes’, I brought the client back to the present awareness.
    After the client had taken water and used washroom, we started talking about the session. The client mentioned following:
  4. She had gone much deeper this time, compared to earlier session.
  5. Cliff routine was very healing. She could get rid of the traumas of all her life and felt very relieved.
  6. She was feeling great bliss when Lord Buddha came. I asked her if she had some faith in Buddhist religion or philosophy and she answered in negative. She also indicated that she had not read any Buddhist book. (It seems that she got vision of Lord Buddha due to her previous life when she was a monk.)
  7. I asked her if she knew some place called Bhumi and she answered in negative.
  8. Regarding her friend Pa, she mentioned that she is pioneering a movement of teaching children in residential schools close to nature in villages. There is no uniform in these schools and emphasis is on learning through nature, not through books or other conventional methods. (She also mentioned name of the movement. I am not mentioning the name to ensure confidentiality).
  9. She was not clear if she was teaching in such a school or she visited only to address the children. (I regretted not exploring this.)
  10. After FLP, she felt that probably option of going back to the corporate world was not there.
  11. She felt that she should make more frequent visits to Hariharpura math.
  12. She was thrilled to see her grown up son.
    She was quite satisfied with the session and mentioned many times that she did see the future. She asked me if she should become a Reiki professional. I told her that, in my opinion, to start with she can tell her relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues etc about being a qualified Reiki healer. If someone seeks her help, she should definitely try to help them. I also mentioned that, in my opinion, such healing techniques should never be used for name, fame and money.
    Though I had emerged her at 9 PM (the session started at 5:30 PM and induction started at 6:15 PM), she kept sitting till 10 PM chatting about many things. Even while leaving, she mentioned that she did not feel like leaving.
    I was satisfied with the session as client was satisfied. This being my first attempt on FLP, I am not sure if I handled the session properly or I could have tried something else or handled the session differently. Dear Venu and others on forum may like to offer their comments in this regard.

Dear Arvind Sir,

Thank you for sharing your maiden endeavour to conduct FLP. It holds Lots of learning for us all.

Quite innovative of you.

Very pertinent aspect you made clear to her.

Once again I believe that as the client went satisfied the session stands to bring her requisite positivity in life. She has experienced one of the probable outcomes should she make the choice accordingly. She has indeed found a great source of inspiration and strength in your sessions. The validation of same is summed up here,

Best Regards,

:maple_leaf: :maple_leaf: :maple_leaf:


Thanks a lot Monesh for the encouraging words. So grateful to you. I used the concept similar to what we do during regression.
Our dear Venu has advised me to use the Pyramid script for the Progression. It was used in the case at Love yourself the way you want to be loved. I had read it, but I thought it should be used in case of resistance.
In future while trying out FLP, we need to use the script similar to the one at Love yourself the way you want to be loved.


Dear @ceoccfb arvind sir… Never doubt urself…people like u are a source of motivation to us to take the step forward and learn so much from your insights…the door option was superb…and what more when the client oni did not wanted to leave you :wink:


Thanks a lot Kaynaz for the encouraging words. So grateful to you.


Very innovative door option Arvind ji… You are my inspiration. Thanks for sharing :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Dear Arvind ji,

I liked the way you paced and led. The rapport between the client and therapist was remarkable. The connection between the therapist and the client is a key factor for healing, and it was noticeable very clearly. Thank you for sharing your learnings.


Ashish Meher


Thanks a lot Ashish for the encouraging words. so grateful to you.

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Dear Arvind Ji,

Thanks for sharing this…
Sometimes… if time comes for the soul to learn their past or future. It will just happen , even if you do not have the intention of taking future progression.
This is my experience.

Sandesh Bhaskar


Very true, Sandesh. In fact I beleive all clients come on Almighty’s intervention and it is His session invariably. We are just the mediums.


Quite an unique experience in FLP, Arvind Sir.
Liked the innovative approach in leading the Client to her future self .
You have conducted it with utmost dexterity.


This is such a profound case, dear Arvind Ji, and you have executed it excellently at every step. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming cases. :pray::blush::sparkles::tada:


Thanks a lot Sandhya for the encouraging words and for the best wishes for upcming cases. So grateful to you.


Thanks a lot Pragati for the encouraging words. So grateful to you.