Takeways from Own Past Life Regression (Courage)

I started writing this a day before I had farewell at an organization where I worked for nine years and I was all over the places with my thoughts. This was my first time dealing with resignation but I was happy that I heard my calling and want to be a catalyst in healing journey of others who need it. I was running the conversations that would happen and should I tell the honest reason about my plans post resignation. I had different stories running in my mind of how I would evade the truth and give some convincing lies to get away with.

But when I met my old colleagues I felt possessed by the power of the truth because the glow of self work is always evident on face even when you don’t give it away. I surrendered myself to that “courage” that suddenly erupted and led me to share my stories without the shame of being judged. From someone who was totally on backseat and quiet about own feelings, I felt like I was suddenly wearing tiara of confidence. I shared about the self work I have been doing and shared my experiences with past life regression as well. I became the hero of my own healing journey even with painful regressions; the hold of that pain was not visible in my body language. The “courage” of truth was empowering me all over and few people who understood the importance of emotional well-being and mental health were keen to connect with me.

Allow me to share the reason behind this new found and claimed “Courage” from one of the regression experience I had with my batch mates. The theme of this regression was to find love and my divine life partner. Here the recollections from that experience-

The first scene opened as staring in eyes and the pair of eyes staring back at me. Those were Tiger’s eyes and I felt so powerful to stare back in its eyes without fear. It felt like being scared was not even an option. Despite holding such daring bold energy, I was also trembling a bit during those moments. I was a woman who was part of some ancient tribe on an island which was cut off from the rest of the World. I was aware of some knowledge on how to use spearhead kind of weapon to hunt animals. Apart from hunting, I felt there was some different kind of connection that I shared with animals. The “Motto” of the tribe was that I had to be bold and courageous because if you are weak you will be killed. I have faint memories that it was really beautiful place with crystal clear white sand and unpolluted blue sea water surrounding that Island. It was isolated from the rest of the World.

Next moment I was hiding behind some bamboo trees and there was one boat by the beach shore. I was very confused whether I should escape the Island or not. I was full of aspirations to go out of the shell and discover what the rest of the World could be like. I had no knowledge on about how to go about it. No one else ever felt the need to leave and no one was “allowed” to leave else they would be killed. It was huge burning desire for me to step out and explore the World around us. I felt there was someone (probably some male) who was stalking my movements while I was looking at that boat to escape.

Lastly, I saw my life ending with spearhead in belly button and it happened because I took the courage to leave the comfort zone of my home. I followed the golden ball of light after ending my time in that life time. It was childlike curiosity to follow the light.

When the facilitator asked me what the message was for me from that life time, I quoted these-

  • I am courageous
  • No one can stop me from doing what I want to do
  • I am not afraid of anyone

I felt bit disappointed after this regression because I was seeking answers on different theme. I was expecting more but I didn’t complain and thought maybe I will understand the reason some other time. However the simple messages seemed to be like, I could never imagine what awaited me after that experience.

It’s been almost a month since that experience and I think I can’t count the times where all I used that iota of “courage” in my day to day life. Sharing few of the takeaways from the times I keep using that endless quota of “courage”-

  • *Power to say No- In fear of not hurting the other person even though it may require my investment of my time and energy; it was very hard to say “No”. I learnt it hard way by being blunt but politely saying No when I needed to. I learnt to maintain distance from friends needed me but I couldn’t be there all the times because of any reason.

  • Created boundaries with Energy Vampires- There are people whose toxic behaviors suffocate me and I used the strength from that courage to show them the exit door. I let go of the people who were just not meant for alignment with the highest good.

  • Power of Truth – Truth is liberating. “ The truth is effortless.” It takes a lot of courage to go with truth especially when you know the listeners won’t understand it even. But the fact is that the truth is yours and you carry it all around yourself without any shame or fear of being judged. Sharing about my healing journey set me free from worrying about the alternative stories that I would have had to create and remember. Showing the courage to show up for yourself is not something others can really understand but that’s not my responsibility.

  • Pause & Don’t Judge – Easiest example from would be to assume the tone of the message (online) which sounds like questioning you. It’s easier to respond in haste and put the anger to work on damaging the relationship even if it was just a polite enquiry. It takes patience and courage to pause and not react. I tried kindness and received it back too.

  • *Welcomed Miracles- When I took stand for myself and let go of people and energy not meant for me, there was new space created for something better. For example- I had to let go of old friends and this allowed me to welcome prospective clients without even putting advertisement or business page. It’s like creating space for miracles to happen.

*Courage to take risk and follow my heart- Sometimes what our heart craves for requires some courage and guts to follow that. Living your dream is never so easy and to face those challenges with confidence require courage and I have this gift from one of the old lifetime. I probably had this gift hidden in my soul but the regression brought it to surface.

It feels like self love was wrapped in courage or is it courage wrapped in self love. I would leave this to you to figure out. Finding love doesn’t mean looking for someone to love you more than you can love yourself. You are enough to give all the love you need. Your life partner maybe the “fertilizer” that will boost your growth but all the main nutrition to your soul comes from self love.

While concluding I would say that no one comes empty handed from regression experience. The answers may not be in the form as you expect. Our soul brings only those messages which we are ready to understand when we poise that particular question.


Dear Shruti,

Thanks for sharing your experience and learnings.

Wishing you immense luck in your healing journey.

Love and light,


Amazing Insight Shruti and beautifuly shared yes the regression experience brings this subtle shift
You correctly pointed out at times we are conditioned in our expectations towards answers/results in a certain way.
But universes ways are so magical and simple it’s our mind which plays tricks by doubting.

Self Love as you have described is the key step forward to self healing….
When are with self love we align with being in awareness in the present moment.
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience.


Dear Shruti,

Thank you for this beautiful and insightful share! You have inspired me to align with my truth and to create boundaries to protect my energy.



Dear Shruti,
What a beautiful experience and even more exhilarating write up. Wish you a
wonderful journey ahead.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and kudos to you for the courage you have
All the best.
Love, Neeti.


Hello @Dr_Neeti_Ahuja

It took a while to really understand the reason behind those simple yet so powerful message.
It means a lot to be encouraged :slight_smile: Thank you so much :slight_smile: All the best to you as well



Hi @Sadi

I am so glad to hear from you. Big hugs girl. I am happy that you feel empowered with the truth. Do let me know how is it goes for you :slight_smile:



Hello @73Neetu

I believe miracles happen only when we believe in them :slight_smile: I knew I had to surrender to the Universe when the regression went in different direction.
There was a time when I used to feel really disappointed and hurt when psychics or tarot readers or even friends used to tell me to love myself first before asking for loving soulmate. Reading Brian Weiss books really helped me understand self love on deeper level :slight_smile:

I really appreciate your time reading this experience and sharing words of wisdom :slight_smile: Thank you



Hi @Atman

Dear Nanda

Thank you for kind words and encouragement. I will keep writing more time to time.



Oh, my… my… my… Shruti! Every word is reverberating courage!
Like we had discussed, you are named aptly… and you have the power…
You have written so well, its a joy to read.

A million thanks for not only sharing your story but framing it so professionally. Am proud of you Shruti,

Some of the sentences I wish to highlight are

I became the hero of my own healing journey

This is the secret and for which we are given this opportunity (life) to embrace all challenges of life with a smile

I took the courage to leave the comfort zone of my home.

Perfect! You passed the test.

I had to let go of old friends and this allowed me to welcome prospective clients without even putting advertisement or business page. It’s like creating space for miracles to happen.

This universe is live, it’s a breathing force and adapts to us every moment… Chidakasha!

Hope the below 2 articles will help you on this journey of self mastery

And this one

Do keep us inspired with your erudite writing, I look forward to them as I look forward to Paul Brinton’s :slight_smile:

PS: Woman is Shakti
Do mention your website link and phone number so that clients can contact you and book sessions. Thank you.


Shruti, this is beautiful and so profound! Kudos to you! As you know, I am so proud of you. Love always - Simran

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Dear @venu ji

I am really honored with your blessings and I would keep using this courage as my living force. I read the other two articles too. Thank you so much for inspiring through this journey. I shall be back with more learnings soon :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much @Simran27 for appreciating :slight_smile: Love Always -Shruti

Oh my! Such deep learning from one regression! Imagine what you could do by meditating every single day! So many messages in this! I loved the story, it almost can be made into a movie. And of course, we can continue demanding the universe to show us what we want but what we get is what we actually need. I loved this. Thanks for sharing.


Update that no-one really asked for, but I am putting it here as this is one of the sacred and safe place gifted by @venu Ji.

One important lesson I understood after my sessions as client is that Healing is a journey and it is not a linear one. There would be days when old pain can trigger the trauma inside the body too.

  • No Longer a People pleaser- I have been known as over giver of love and empathy. At times, people take undue advantage of that but my intuition guides me when to not give empathy and just walk away.

*No Longer scared of losing people- It doesn’t mean I am incapable of being loved or giving love. I am vulnerable and expressive when it comes to showering love. At the same time, I don’t feel the constant urge or fear of losing them.

  • Fearless & Unapologetic-This courage really helped me voice myself without any fear. I don’t really have to worry about how the other person may feel about my feelings. Also I don’t have to suppress my thoughts and feelings which may eat me later until they don’t find a release.

*Love is beyond the romantic definition- I knew about it but never experienced it until I met two beautiful souls last year who gave me unconditional love. I did find love in ways I couldn’t imagine. I believe this accepting this love is only possible once I started loving myself.

*Transformation is ongoing process until it becomes second nature - The changes that I have seen within me were earlier conscious in nature. Now most of the things are on auto-pilot mode because I have been constantly raising my vibrations and accessing my inner courage.

Wishing the Amarantos family a very happy new year :grinning: Hope this gives you courage to do things that you have been afraid of.



@Shruti_Verma this is so, so beautifully articulated :heart::heart: As I have been a witness to you journey this year, I want to tell how much I admire the pace, the conviction, the courage, the honestly and the awe-inspiring strength you have exhibited this year. It is no small feat! I am so very proud of you. The single - minded conviction with which you have summoned you inner strength and accessed your soul’s truth cannot be applauded enough. I am so immensely proud of you. Love to you always :heart: May the universe and the master bless you forever :cherry_blossom::pray:


Dear Shruti,
These words of yours are pure gold. My sincere compliments for the wonderful and apt choice of words that have resulted in an efficacious expression of your experience. It beholds tremendous learning value for all beings human.
Best wishes to you.
(Omega Batch)

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Hello @Monesh.Bathre

I am truly grateful for your kind words of appreciation and encouragement. Needless to say I am highly influenced by this PLR therapy and I surrender to the Universe to guide me the path with the lessons intact.

Welcome to the PLR family and I am hoping to read your personal experiences soon.

Warm Regards

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Dear Shruti ,

Thank you for sharing your amazing insights post session. yes indeed though we have a theme earmarked before the session if we surrender completely to the Masters and the Almighty we will never come back empty handed from a session.

Wish you the best for all future endeavors . It has been a pleasure interacting with you on the phone.
Lots of Love


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Dear Shruti
How beautifully you have described your story!
I must congratulate you for receiving some brilliant takeaways from through the processYou were designing a different theme and you landed up being guided correctly by the universe for the right type of learning and wisdom which was actually needed at the core for the real healing.
M so glad that you shared this with us
Thank u!

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